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Immune System Boosters: Why Silver Solution is the Ideal Choice

Bruce Markey

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H1N1, SARS, Avian flu – These are just some of the super-germs’ that are making headlines almost on a daily basis. People are frightened, and rightly so. Your immune system is being targeted everyday and has to work overtime to keep you safe and healthy! These germs mutate so rapidly that most antibiotics are virtually useless against them: As soon as an effective antibiotic is created, the germ mutates, and the drug becomes obsolete. But there is no need to feel defenseless because there are immune system boosters to help you. These immune system boosters have been right under your noses all along – silver solutions!

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Silver solution is an effective immune system booster that fights not only against super-germs, but it also fights viruses like the flu, bacterial infections like strep throat, and fungal infections like Candida. No matter how much a potent germ mutates, it cannot change enough to escape the destructive effects of this immunity booster. And in the process, the silver solution doesn’t harm human tissue or destroy the good gut bacteria the way antibiotics and other medications do.

Silver solutions are now, more than ever, being used as active immune system boosters because people have realized that antibiotics have started to lose their effectiveness. It’s not hard to understand this, especially as bacteria do not become resistant to them no matter how long the preparation is used.

There are not enough antibiotics in the world to fight germs and keep you strong and healthy – part of the reason why people are falling sick all the time! It is therefore time for you to start relying on effective immune system boosters that will help strengthen your body naturally from within and help you ward off any infections. Why silver solution is considered as an effective immune system booster is because it assists your body in fighting these tough germs. Silver solution attacks all three of a germ’s vulnerable targets simultaneously. First, these boosters easily rupture a germ’s outer membrane, causing the germ’s vital internal components to be exposed to your white blood cells in the bloodstream, which swiftly launch an attack.

But silver ions don’t stop at fighting bacteria as mentioned earlier; it also assists the immune system to target viruses, such as the flu, as well as fungal infections, such as athlete’s foot and Candida, strep throat, upper respiratory infections, and even HIV!

Occasionally, silver can be such an effective immunity booster that your body can’t handle the rapid dying off of microbes. This excess die-off can produce symptoms such as joint pain, sweating, nausea, headaches, itching, rash and flu-like symptoms without a fever. However, you should keep in mind that these symptoms are a definite indication that the treatment is working. There are more than many options for silver solutions available in the market – you must be careful to make the right choice. So, what are you waiting for! Pick the best silver solutions from the market and boost your immunity – live strong and healthy!

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