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How to Boost the Immune System?

Bruce Markey

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People go around each year, particularly in a season, blowing their noses or sneezing or coming down with a heavy fever. Isn’t this really annoying at times? It’s no fun coming down with a viral bug and heeding to the doctor and the pharmacist to get rid of it. Instead, one can always prevent all this by properly improving their immune system. Though many experts argue that infections are inevitable, still infections that occur only once should not recur. If there is a recurrence of the same disease each year, then it means one’s body is still not accustomed to such infections and their body resistance is low.

If broadly seen, the immune system is really an awesome fighter which keeps fighting against those dreadful germs, viruses and bacteria. Still, if one doesn’t supply the necessary nutrition and maintain a proper lifestyle to help it run throughout, its activities of protecting the body get intervened. Addition of certain nutritional elements and change in lifestyle would keep the immune system up and running for years without wearing off.

Here are a few tips to boost one’s immune system.

• Maintain a Healthy Diet. People neglect their health until a bell rings and they fall sick. Eating nutritious food to everyday diet improves the immune system. This not only boosts the resistance, but also helps one maintain a good bone, muscle and cardiovascular health. All organic fruits, vegetables and lean proteins should be added on everyday basis.

• Avoid too much Sugar. Adding too much sugar and sugary substance in one’s diet leads to suppressed body resistance. An addition of 75 to 100 grams of sugar every day will reduce the ability of the white blood cells to fight against harmful bacteria and viruses. Instead, one may take in natural fruits and vegetables. Enough water should be taken to flush the cells and keep one well hydrated.

• Certain Things to be avoided. Avoid certain lifestyle affecting habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, improper sleep pattern, being obese, and unhealthy, eating junk food, maintaining unhygienic habits, etc. For example, if one neglects his sleep, then there is a sure sign of some infection like cold or flu affecting him or her. This is a proven fact by scientists.

• Lessen the Stress. Though stress to an extent is unavoidable, still too much stress can cause damage to the immune system and may cause serious diseases at times.

• Exercise Regularly. An improper exercising pattern may reduce the efficiency of the immune system. Not only that, it also would make one gain extra pounds and lead to unwanted diseases like diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases.

• Add Extra Immunity Boosters to the diet. There are a lot of immunity building substitutes available in the market from which one can choose. These immunity boosters are available as liquid, gels and tablet forms. These can be added to water and had. These products are efficient enough to boost the body’s immune system to fight against harmful pathogens. These are also helpful if one is really wounded or sick and help them recover faster.

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