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How to Maintain Your Weight Loss with Acupuncture


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Acupuncture is an ADJUNCT therapy. It is not a panacea or a wonder cure in the treatment of weight control. But, it is effective in making it easier to lose and maintain that loss if the patient is willing to change their lifestyle. It releases endorphins which have a calming and relaxing effect that makes it easier to deal with stress, frustration and anxiety that can trigger overeating and bingeing on fattening foods.

The Treatment
In order for the acupuncturist to choose the correct points for you, you must first come in for a consultation to discuss your particular pattern of overeating, and let the practitioner know in your intake form if there are any real digestive difficulties

The Acupuncture Points
Then, armed with this information, the acupuncturist would devise a treatment protocol using a combination of ear and body points.

Many of the points from both ear acupuncture systems that are important for weight loss treatments are:

1. Mouth - for the impulsive eater who may also smoke a lot and talk a lot

2. Stomach - for the person who eats even after they're full or who's constantly nibbling

3. Lung - for food addicts, and people who love chocolate, sweets

4. Shenmen - a calming point, for the psychology overlay for anxiety, anger, frustration, insecurity

5. Endocrine - for water retention that's responsible for some of the weight gain

6. Adrenal and Ovary - if weight gain is due to menopause or P. M. S.

7. Spleen - for sugar imbalances and hormonal disturbances

8. Kidney - for water retention, and nervous system and hormonal imbalances

9. Thyroid - for slow metabolism

The practitioner chooses two or more of these points for each treatment depending upon the patient's problem and personality profile regarding overeating.

How to include Body Points?
During the first few treatments, most likely the “Four Gate" points (LI 4, Liver3) would be used to circulate the energy throughout the body and calm the nervous system. Also included are Stomach, kidney and torso points.

The acupuncturist may use electro stimulation on some of these acupuncture points to increase the endorphin release and stimulate the metabolism. This type of acupressure stimulates the point, causes a mild endorphin release, relaxes the patient and helps them to regain their willpower or resolve about resisting the temptation to eat

The Treatment Plan
The number of acupuncture treatments necessary depends on the patient's goals for shedding weight, the speed at which they want to lose, and their commitment to keeping the weight off. If the overeating is severe, it would suit the need.

Nutritional Counseling and Lifestyle Changes
Good health program includes nutritional counseling and exercise as well as a commitment to make permanent lifestyle changes. The acupuncturist can help with nutritional counseling and can discuss a diet regimen that the patient can live with and maintain for the long term.

A diet that is high in fiber and low in fat, with moderate amounts of low-density carbohydrates and low-fat protein is usually the best choice to adopt. With this type of a diet program, the patient can avoid the pit-falls of yo-yo dieting or the tendency to lose weight and then regain it.

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