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Career Paths for Fitness Experts

Maria Marilyn Madrid

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Some people may not realize that one can find a career in fitness. There are several career paths to take and all you need to do is to enroll. Several personal training courses, diplomas, and certificates are available in order to gain credibility. As the personal training business grows bigger each year, more individuals become more interested on opportunities in this industry. In relation to that, here are some career paths that you can follow.


You are a product and brand, if you are a budding personal trainer. When you are fit and of course possess fairly good looks, then you are a potential model for products like underwear, gym clubs, and personal training equipment. A lot of anonymous gym and fitness buffs became the face of several products. The opportunities to become an image model are very wide if you are fit. Of course, you have to do other things as well other than beefing up your body such as finding a good agent.

Fitness Instructor

You are in a better position to motivate people to shed off their unwanted fats and to be physically fit since you are into personal training. People will listen to your recommendations because they see evidences from your own body. In addition, this stage of your career with personal training and muscle building can lead you to the next stage.

Gym Owner

In reality, you do not have to earn accreditation to become a gym owner. A lot of gym owners are not fit too. They just hire personal trainers to help them with the business. However, the business will become more credible if the owner is fit as well. People will be more confident to enlist in your gym if they see that the person behind the business is also physically toned up with the help of exercises and training methods.

Fitness Endorser and Host

During the nineties, a lot of personal trainers became product endorsers of fitness products which are either their own brand or other business’ brands. As you gain more nods of approval, it is eminent that in the near future you will be asked to sign on for endorsements or host a fitness program of your own. Remember, Jane Fonda was only an actress and a daughter of a famed legendary actor but she became a fitness icon in the eighties. With luck and perseverance, these might be your own ticket to fame.

Celebrity Personal Assistant

There are lots of perks when you become a personal training assistant for famous celebrities. Carlos Leon did not only become a personal trainer to Madonna, he ended up fathering her daughter as well. Your ante goes up when you have celebrity endorsements. No doubt about it. However, it needs a lot of patience, diligence, perseverance, and in your face strategies to become one. The financial rewards that you gain afterwards is more than enough to offset the blood, sweat, and tears you invested in order to become a celebrity personal trainer.

So, get your butt up and earn that credential through personal training courses towards a particular career path in fitness and personal training.


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