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Calories – Friend Or Enemy Behind The Gates?


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In 1824 Nicolas Clement was the first to classify the calorie as a pre-SI metric unit of energy. This was very important since till that year energy was only characterized by the SI unit of energy which is the joule. Nowadays, “calories” are mainly used to describe the units of energy in foods.
It is very important to be noted that there are two types of calories – the small calorie and the large calorie.

The small calorie refers to the energy which is required for to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius. In joules this would be 4.2. However, the calories used in food measuring, also known as nutritionist’s calories are the large calories.

The logic is the same only the large calorie will measure the energy needed for the increase of the temperature of one kilogram of water. One large calorie usually referred to as Calorie with a capital “C”, is equal to 1 000 small calories or 4200 joules.
Calories’ counting is crucial for everyone who wants to lose weight or maintain a steady healthy diet, which can assure a healthy organism and ultimately longer, healthier life. The awareness that the calories intake should be consistently monitored, however, is not great. All types of diets should include calories counting as a vital part of the weight loss program. Exercise and the right combination of calories taken from carbohydrates, proteins and fats can guarantees the positive outcome of the weight loss program one has chosen.

Exercise is required so that the calories consumed can be turned into energy and that energy used by the organism in the most proper way. Dieting regulates the amount of calories taken and food supplements such as Acai Berry Thin helps the organism’s supply of antioxidants, vitamins and the needed energy boost. Acai Berry Thin contains extracts of Green Tea which is natural and powerful antioxidant that stimulates the metabolism and helps the body turn calories into energy faster and more efficient.

It also contains frui tof the Acai Palm which is known to offer very high amounts of antioxidants, vital for fast weight loss.


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Fat Loss Calories What Fat Loss Calories Will Help Me to Lose Weight?
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