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The Real Causes Behind Cellulite

Jeff Donaven

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Cellulite is a common physiological reaction to heightened physical inactivity. But this does not mean that this is the only factor that causes the unsightly result. The following are just some of the contributing factors that may initiate and worsen the appearance of cellulites. If you want to know more about them, you should read on. These may give you insights on what to modify or address in case you have evident cellulites on different body areas.

Vascular and Lymphatic Insufficiency

Your circulatory system and your lymphatic systems are two body systems that work together to facilitate blood and fluid circulation to and from different parts of your body. Aside from distribution of important nutrients that every body organ needs, these systems are also responsible for flushing out the harmful toxins that may remain stagnant on different parts of your body. Vascular and lymphatic insufficiencies greatly cripple the latter function. Gravity also contributes to the heightened insufficiency that these body systems may eventually give you in the long run. As a result, certain body regions such as your buttocks and thighs get more of the fluids and waste materials. These factors make these parts appear swollen and saggy. Unfortunately, it may be difficult for you to address the cellulite if this is the main cause.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones are responsible for improving the level of biochemical equilibrium inside your body. These substances also decide some of the important biological processes and mechanisms that your body needs to utilize. When these substances go in a frenzy to cause a great deal of chaos inside your body, toxins may accumulate on different parts of your body.

Specifically, heightened estrogen is considered the main culprit of the entire phenomenon. This is the same hormone that is responsible in storing excessive amounts of fat tissues in different parts of your body. Other substances that may contribute to cellulite formation are:



According to studies, females are more predisposed to the heightened cellulite formation inside their bodies. Experts have recently spotted the close link between the elevated levels of estrogen and the gender as the main factors that play major roles in the formation of cellulites. This is the reason that most of the treatment procedures for addressing cellulites are geared towards women’s health and wellness. This is also the reason that most of the products designed to reduce cellulites come in the form of beauty products.

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