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Cellulite – The Full Truth and Nothing But The Truth

Jeff Donaven

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Cellulite refers to the dimpled, orange-like appearance of the skin which usually appears on the thighs, hips and buttocks. This lumpiness on the skin is caused by the deposit of fats which distorts the connective tissues found underneath the skin.
The fatty (adipose) tissue forms on little compartments similar to honeycombs. This fatty tissue pushes into the skin which leads to the dimpled appearance of the skin.

Why Are Women Affected More Than Men

Collagen is the main protein found in the connective tissue. The structure of collagen in men and women are different. The structure of collagen in women has a picket fence appearance, whereas in men, the structure of the collagen is more like a cross-linked fence.

Men are affected less because the cross-linked fence structure of their collagen is stronger and holds fat better.
Cellulite and Its Causes

There is no clear understanding as to the definite cause of this unwanted dimpled appearance on the skin, although some theories are used to explain this condition.

•Hormones – Some experts believe that hormones such as estrogen, noradrenaline, insulin, prolactin and thyroid hormones play a part in the process of producing this lumpy substance found commonly on the butt, thighs and stomach.
•Genes – Some say genes predisposes individual to particular characteristics that may be associated to this condition of the skin such as race, gender, fat distribution underneath the skin, slow metabolism and insufficient circulation.
•Diet – This condition is more prevalent to people who eat too much fat, salt, carbohydrates and lesser fiber.
•Lifestyle – Those who smoke, do not exercise and sit and stand for long in one position are more likely to be affected by this condition.
•Clothing – Tight elastic underwear may limit proper blood flow and contribute to the formation of dimples on the skin.

What are the Treatments

Exercise is one way of getting rid of those dimples on your thighs. Stretching and toning exercises will help.

Healthy and balanced diet is required if you would really want those dimpled skin go away. Add more vegetables and fiber to your diet and avoid fatty foods.

You may also try other treatments such as pneumatic massages, radio frequency therapy, magnetic therapy, electrical stimulation and Endermologie.

This condition does not really pose any health risks. Unfortunately, it is not very pleasing to the eyes. Cellulite can be minimized if you focus on balanced diet and proper exercise.

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