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4 Facts about the True Nature of Cellulite

Jeff Donaven

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People are very conscious about the presence cellulite on their skin and yet they don’t even know the simple facts about them. These facts can be a crucial factor in treating and removing this problem. People won’t be able to properly deal with this skin condition if they constantly do the wrong things and undergo the wrong medical treatments. The additional information will also answer some of the common question asked by people. All in all, the following facts can be very intriguing for some and it can also be a shocker to those who had believed in the wrong conceptions.

Most people think that cellulite only occurs in obese people but in reality, even the slimmest models in the world can have this condition. Now, some may say that this is not true at all. Well, if people actually knew the fact that excess fat won’t cause the bulgy lumps on the skin, then this misconception won’t exist at all.

Lumps and dimples are commonly found on the thighs, stomach and the back part of the upper arm. However, most people don’t know that they can also form on the ankles and on the upper back. Also, the reason why they tend to appear on the hip area is due to the presence of an enzyme that controls fat distribution. It is also normal for the affected area to experience spider and varicose veins.

Water doesn’t have anything to do with this condition so drinking more water to treat it is ineffective. The formulation of this idea originally came from the false fact that these lumps are formed by toxins. It is true that water does flush away toxins but no toxins will be removed from the lumps since there isn’t any at all.

Every treatment available in the market won’t be able to completely remove the lumps. These treatments will simply reduce the ugly appearance of the lumps. It may look smoother but the lumps are still present. The only thing that they did was reduce the lump’s bulginess. Until today, no treatment can proudly advertise that their product or procedure will completely eliminate this problem.

Cellulite is normally misunderstood due to the wrong information and misconception surrounding it. However, these misconceptions can now already be corrected through the use of the internet and other resources. Also, some people are desperately looking for cures. By doing so, they are gaining more information than they normally would. Though the perfect cure is yet to be formulated, they can still use these facts and information to handle this condition.

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The Facts and Myths About Cellulite
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