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Slim Down by Losing Fat and Gaining Muscle


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Losing weight should not just be about decreasing the number of pounds that you weigh, it should also be about making your body healthier and leaner. If you want to succeed in meeting your weight loss goals, it is key that you follow the right advice and suggestions to help you achieve your goal weight. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you achieve that goal and be on your way to a healthy physique and appearance.

1. Start a fitness regime that includes both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Doing a variety of aerobic and anaerobic workouts will ensure muscle confusion which will work your body harder. In addition, due to muscle memory, it is beneficial to mix up your exercise routine to keep stimulating your body, which will ensure you achieve better results. If you approach your routine with intensity and seriousness, there is no doubt you will achieve results much faster than you might have believed.

2. Use full body shots rather than scales to monitor your progress. Scales can often be very unreliable and do not give you a clear indication of your true progress. However, a full body shot will give you a more qualitative yet reliable viewpoint on how you have been progressing and how effectively you have been targeting your problem areas. In addition, if your scale is inaccurate and shows you a weight that is much higher than your true weight, it can be extremely demotivating to someone who is just beginning a weight loss plan.

3. Decrease your refined carbohydrate intake and increase your fiber and protein intake. This a surefire diet that will help promote weight loss and strong muscle growth. Refined carbohydrates do not provide a lot of nutrients and should be consumed in extreme moderation. Conversely, diets heavy in protein and fiber have been shown to promote weight loss and to be healthy diets to follow.

4. Join a local weight loss group for support and motivation. The connection and emotional bond you can make with other people experiencing something similar can be a great motivator for you in your weight loss surgery. By leveraging a support group, you can get feedback and support from like minded people which will give you the extra push you need when you are feeling weak. Although some people are shy to join a group like this at first, it can be an effective tool for people to use.

5. Start taking appropriate dietary supplements. There are many excellent supplements that you can take to improve your nutritional intake and build muscle. Many people recommend taking a whey protein powder immediately after a workout to maximize results. However, before taking any dietary supplement, it is crucial to read the label carefully and consult your doctor to ensure the supplements you are taking are healthy and well suited to you.

6. Ensure you exercise consistently. If you are exercising with proper intensity at least 3 times a week, you will make significant progress in achieving your weight loss goals. Many people begin working out vigorously when they first begin a weight loss program. However, a few weeks later many of these people give up on their exercise plans due to lack of commitment or energy. Quitting on your exercise program is doing a disservice to yourself and will only take you further away from achieving your weight loss dreams.

7. Avoid negative influences and people and focus on the positive. Negative people in your life can be demoralizing and do not give you the support that is necessary to be successful. If you fill your life with positive influences, you will feel more secure in your weight loss goals and will be more likely to follow through. In addition, leveraging your most positive and influential friends can be highly motivating and can help you achieve success in achieving your goals.

It is clear that weight loss is a topic that is on many people's minds and there are many potential solutions that people can use to lose weight. However, achieving one's weight loss goals can be extremely difficult and many people struggle to achieve the goals they have set. By following the advice presented above, you could be on your way to having a much healthier body that is closer to the size that you desire.

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The Best Way to Keep Gaining Muscle
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