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How to lose weight in a month in 10 steps


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Many people want that magic bullet, that pill that makes thin (I), toned and “how God commands" . unfortunately there is no magic formula, no magic device, much less a magic pill. If someone has told you otherwise, you lied!

In these few years I have experience in this field of fitness and nutrition I have learned many tricks or changes that can help you achieve the body you want, but let me tell you that what is needed is dedication . Unless you really commit yourself and you set your mind on all things to lose weight , you will not achieve anything.

To lose weight you need to make a change of mind, forget what you've been doing every day, year after year. Be prepared (a) to change the way you eat and your little or no physical activity, but especially MOTIVATION . The motivation has to be one of your main fronts and even if your friends and family do not support you, you self-motivate you even more. You have control over your results and nobody else.
All you can do it if you mind to it. want is power.

Once you are decided (a) to change once and for all, I recommend you follow these steps. The more of them succeed, you'll have better results, so do not settle for a few, purpose to achieve ALL!

How to lose weight in a month?

  1. Stop eating foods sweetened. I mean not just stop eating sugar , I mean any product or preparation factory has sugar or corn syrup High fructose . From now on, every product you buy, look at the ingredients, if they have sugar or HFCS , find another option. Examples: Ice cream, cookies, cereals, Chocolates, Soft Drinks, Juices / Juice box / bottle (though they say they are 100% natural), cocktails, etc. The list is endless. If you want to sweeten something is better to opt for using natural honey or a product called Stevia / Steviva , is a sweetener natural super low in calories and you can use to sweeten anything (and tastes great), what good is that takes lots since a small amount sweetens considerably.
  2. Stop eating white flour and grains . If you like pasta, white rice and white bread, choose to eat in its whole grain or whole, these have the fiber that will serve you much more in your struggle to lose weight. On the other flour products bearing normal, forget about them. Examples: Cakes / tarts, cookies, empanadas, tamales, muffins, breaded food, pancakes, some white sauces, etc. If you would like breading something, I recommend you do a mixture of oat bran (fiber) with walnut powder (healthy fat), this option is 100 times better.
  3. Avoid fried food full or refried . Case in point: French fries. Most commercial oils and home, such as vegetable oils are super harmful to health, better opt for using oils such as coconut or olive oil. When you avoid fried food, find a better option as boiled, steamed, baked or grilled, the goal here is full of the oil away.

4. Closely related to the previous point: Avoid at all manufactured or processed food . Now it became fashionable to sell prepared food and requiring only heat in the microwave. Imagine just how many toxic having had to put these products to remain in “good" state, not to mention the amount of sweeteners and oil are used in its preparation. Another example is the mashed potato powder or many products fast.

5. Try to eat at home full or food you've prepared yourself to a minimum and keep eating out. You get better results if you apply all these rules for yourself instead of putting you at risk under the bucket of another person.

6. Eat 5 to 6 times daily in equal amounts and less than you're used to (a). Eating more often in smaller quantities helps keep our metabolism more active, helping to burn fat and avoid those fillings and “empanzamientos" that cause us great dishes. NEVER skip breakfast!

7. Eat chicken, fish , beef, pork and eggs without fear. All of these options in its natural form or lean are very high protein sources, which helps us recontruir our muscle tissues affected during routine training. If you are vegetarian, look for other sources of protein such as beans, lentils, green beans, chickpeas, etc. Incorporated into your diet as well as healthy fats found in avocados, peanuts, nuts, olive oil, Omega-3 capsules and salmon.

8. Make your daily diet as a whole look like a rainbow of choices . Mixed vegetables, fruits, grains, meats and other types of food in ways that are extremely rich in vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and natural fats. The consumption of fruits and vegetables every day is key to losing weight.

9. You exercise , 2 or 3 times a week, sorry but there is no choice:) You can start out walking, jogging, running, biking, skating, up / down stairs . your choice! Our body is experiencing some pressure, it is necessary to remove the drawer of vagrancy which has been accustomed for so long and say, “From today I'm in charge". If you feel that costs you a world , it is normal and you must fight it at all costs. If there is no physical activity your body will be accustomed to this and for the world will want to change your way of being, so you force him to get used again, you must show who's boss now.

10. Whether you already do some physical activity or not, you do something else: Perform weight lifting exercises . Many people believe that lifting weights deform the body, muscles fill or be filled with balls ugly, ignoring one of the best ways to burn fat, building muscle ! Building muscle requires your body to be more active, accelerating your metabolism for many hours, promoting fat burning. If you are new you can start making a routine of bodyweight exercises , if you already have some experience, you can do something more advanced using weights (not too heavy).

But if you want a good exercise program makes you lose weight once and for all, I recommend giving a look at the program Turbulence Training which I have already spoken on this blog several times, it's guaranteed that if you do it properly , get the body of your dreams, no gimmicks, just depends on your effort and dedication. You can take a look at this link . This program will also help you plan a special diet to lose weight

We also recommend you keep track of everything you eat , your weight control week by week, your control measures and finally control of the exercises you do. At the end of each week and month you can analyze your results and determine what were the best techniques that helped you lose weight.

Internet is flooded with diet, routines, books and videos that tell you how to lose weight, but in the end I think it boils down to these 10 points, especially if you have any experience in healthy nutrition and an active lifestyle.

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