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HCG Drops Vs Injections – What Is Better?


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This is one of the most common questions when it comes to the HCG diet: What is better, HCG drops or injections, and is there any real difference between HCG drops for weight loss and HCG injections? To make you fully understand the concept, I think it is wise to compare them from three various points of view; i. e. effectiveness, cost and user convenience. These three factors are I think the only criteria that can help you distinguish between HCG drops vs injections and make the final decision, what is better for you.

As for effectiveness, I don’t think there is any difference between the consumed and injected form of HCG. What matters, however, is the company you get your HCG from. Whether it is HCG drops or HCG injections, make sure you get the best product for the best price and buy from legitimate producers, not any fraudsters that last half a year.

As for the cost of the products, I think that if you do the math to the end, you will see that there is no real difference, either. Yes, if you compare a given amount of HCG mixture for injection and the same amount of HCG drops for weight loss, the drops will be cheaper, but at the end of the day, you have to take more of it if you are taking sublingual HCG drops to get the same results as with injections. The reason for that is because with injection the substance is delivered directly into the blood stream, whereas with HCG drops for weight loss, it gets absorbed through the tissue under the tongue and this takes some time and more HCG is needed that way. So when you compare the two forms as what they cost to get the same results, the difference won’t be any big, though HCG drops might be slightly cheaper.

In my biased opinion, what makes a real difference between HCG drops and injections is the user convenience. With injections, there are two ways you can do them, first is subQ (which is a fancy abbreviation for subcutaneous, meaning “under the skin”) and the other is IM (“intramuscular” – speaks for itself). Dr. Simeons was doing the latter, but he was doing so back in the 1950s and the methods of and opinions on the whole HCG diet changed quite a lot since then. If you inject subQ, the risk to feel pain during the injection is slightly decreased, whereas with HCG taken IM, the injection may be a little more effective (as the flow of blood is very high in muscle). However, with either form of HCG injections, you have to set up the mixture, which per se takes some time and effort. You also have to be knowledgeable in terms of the selection of the right syringe and needle. Believe me, you don’t want to inject intramuscularly with a subQ needle.

On the other hand, HCG drops for weight loss don’t need you to be knowledgeable, because there are no needles and syringes. Let me differentiate two types of HCG drops. Firstly, it is pharmaceutical HCG (by the way, the injected HCG is also pharmaceutical). It is the very same mixture as with injections, but as explained above, you need to take more pharmaceutical HCG per os if you want to attain the same results. With this type of HCG, it also requires you to do proper mixing and you have to apply the right amount of HCG and the other substances that are normally added.

Secondly, it is the hHCG – Homeopathic HCG. A big advantange of the homeopathic HCG is it doesn’t require you to mix anything. After ordering online, the bottle just comes and you take it sublingually as is. This also frees you of having to keep the HCG refridgerated.

Other methods include HCG pellets, HCG throat sprays and more. These are rather new and I don’t have any personal experience with either, so I can’t judge them. I think the case will be as with HCG drops vs injections. The effectiveness will depend on the producer rather than the method of getting HCG into your body.

So the bottom line is, I recommend homeopathic HCG for the best experience, not because the other methods wouldn’t be effective, but rather because of how easy it is to store it and also for the fact that you don’t have to do any more research on how to prepare the mixture, nor does it require you to learn where to inject HCG so that it is not painful. I hope this article gives you a better idea of the difference between HCG drops vs injections.

HCG drops for weight loss are liked by many, people, but there are still some that want to compare HCG drops vs injections , that's why I wrote this article.


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