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How to Avoid Having a Diet Plateau

Jason Brunes

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So you’ve been dieting for some time now. Initially, you had such a dramatic weight loss and everyone seems to notice. You push on, eating the same food and doing the same exercises. After several months, you realize that your weight loss has slowed and that you are having a diet plateau. There are ways to avoid this and you can be successful with your weight loss goals.

1. Drink as much water as possible. We are made of about 60 percent water so replenish whatever you lose. Six to eight glasses are the recommended amount. How often have we been told this even as kids but still do not follow? The body often mistakes thirst for hunger so keep yourself hydrated and notice that your hunger pangs and food cravings will disappear.

2. As you get slimmer, your body needs less calories. If you notice that you have stopped losing weight, chances are you need to reduce your calorie intake. It is advisable to reduce your intake by 50 to 100 calories for every 10 pounds that you lose. Don’t go below 1200 calories though. Doing so would be detrimental for your metabolism, as it would slow down. Hence, burning calories will take a longer time so you will easily regain the weight you lost as soon as you stop dieting.

3. Never skip meals. In fact, you should eat more often but in smaller portions. Not placing food in your body would slow down your metabolism. It would go into “starvation mode” and will retain more fat, thinking that you will not eat anything in coming hours.

4. Exercise more to get past the plateau. This will help your metabolism get faster. It is also advisable to not stick to one type of exercise routine, as your body will eventually adapt to it. Variety is the key to optimize the weight loss benefits of exercise. Mix it up!

5. You’ve been behaving and how do you get rid of bed bugs haven’t broken your diet for the whole week. Then comes the weekend and you think that you deserve a little break so you have round after round of alcohol. When you’re in the plateau stage of your diet, it is best to avoid drinking. Yes it is fun but alcohol slows down your metabolism. This is definitely something that you do not need in your diet. bed bugs

Reaching the diet plateau is normal for everyone who aspires to lose weight. Do not be discouraged because there is a way to get past it. Follow the 5 simple steps and you are bound for a diet breakthrough.


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