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How To Use HCG Drops For Weight Loss – Apply HCG Drops Right


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In this article I will try to cover everything and anything about how to use HCG drops for weight loss. When talking about HCG drops for weight loss, we don’t mean, by any means, the HCG injections. To make it clearer to you, there are two main ways you can get HCG to your body; firstly, HCG injections, which I don’t really recommend, not because they wouldn’t work but simply for the fact that they are more painful and stressful (you have to hit the right spots). The second way is HCG drops, which for you means you set up the same solution of HCG as with injections, but when taken orally the amount must be slightly higher (which is logical if you think about it, since the hormone isn’t delivered directly to the blood stream).

First you need to get the product itself. For some tips and additional information on what I personally consider to be the best company out there, I suggest filling in your e-mail on the side, I will respond as soon as possible. After the bottle of HCG has been received by you, you have to set up HCG drops for weight loss to begin. Some people mix HCG with collodial silver and vitamins of the B complex (B12 predominantly), however, I’ve tried it with and without these components myself (in rounds 3 and 4) and I didn’t observe any difference.

Most companies on the Internet like to add some amino acids to the solution, some even add the mentioned B12 vitamin. I think its effect on weight loss is minor, but these additions certainly can’t do any harm. Because I don’t know which company you get your HCG from, I can’t tell you exactly how to make HCG drops for weight loss to be as intented, but a general rule of thumb is, you should store it refrigerated, otherwise HCG catabolism can come into play (because of the room temperature which is not advisable to store the compound in). After you have mixed up the components (sometimes, and even very often, no action from your side is needed, since the drops often come all prepared, so don’t be afraid), you are ready to take the dropper and drip the wanted number of HCG drops under your tongue. The number depends on whether you are using hHCG (homeopathic HCG) or the pharmacy-grade HCG. A general rule is, a smaller amount of HCG is needed to be taken with the latter. Most users are comfortable with 166 IUs of pharmacy-grade HCG. If you don’t know, IU means International Unit and it is the amount of HCG needed to make an immature rat mature. That sounds rather strange, I know, but I didn’t invent it, the hormone was tested back in the 1940s on rats and this way its effect on the sex glands was also discovered. To read more about that topic, go to the section covering the question How does HCG work.

Anyway, I said 166 IUs is the proper amount in most cases, but some people even take 250 IUs twice a day. I think you can get by with the 166 IUs of hcg drops for weight loss to take effect, it worked perfectly for me.

As for homeopathic HCG, it is usually taken 3 times or even 6 times per day per os, with 10-15 drops every time. The amounts are higher because HCG is less concentrated in the homeopathic version, but that doesn’t mean it’s less effective. Well, you are probably thinking why to even dilute it then? It’s because it is believed that even trace amounts of HCG in the body tells the brain to produce more (I don’t want to overwhelm you with information, but during pregnancy the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is produced a) in the placenta and b) in the pituitary gland of the brain). It is also believed that homeopathics are more natural and I wouldn’t disagree, eventhough I think the end effect is the same with either.

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