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Making the Most of the Caveman Paleolithic Diet


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Whenever people hear the world “caveman” today, the knee-jerk reaction is one of contemptuous amusement at the idea of a lank-haired, dull-witted, lumpish figure shambling around in a zombie-like manner while wearing ragged animal skins. In fact, cavemen needed to have sharp wits and a fit body, and their healthy diet, well adapted to human needs, was much better in many ways than much of the grain-laden, dysfunctional food we eat today.

These people were by necessity physically toned and fit, due to the need to chase down game, carry the kill back to their shelter to keep predators from hijacking it, fighting off such carnivores and probably rival clans, and to travel long distances in search of food plants, water, and the like necessities.

The Paleo diet, as the Paleolithic diet is frequently known, is the most longstanding human nutritional plan in existence. The Stone Age lasted for hundreds of thousands of years, next to which the time since the agricultural revolution, a mere ten thousand years, is shown to be very short indeed. Before this recent derailment of human dietary preferences, humans became genetically adapted to eating lean meat, nuts, berries, eggs, fish, fresh fruits, and some root vegetables, making it hardly surprising that their descendents are sickened by eating foods that were unavailable to them. There simply has not been enough time to adapt genetically to grains and dairy products.

Avoiding all processed and packaged foods will give you a good start on making the most of the caveman Paleolithic diet. Dairy products are even more unnatural for humans to eat, since domestication of milk producing animals followed agricultural production, which was necessary for grain to feed them. Cheese, milk, yogurt, butter, and their ilk need to be purged from your menu. Similarly, anything made with grain should be given a berth suitable to the plague. From cookies to bread, from bagels to taco shells, grain products are the enemies of a good metabolic balance within your body.

There are plenty of good things that you can eat in place of these problematic edibles. Meat tops the list, and you should always seek to eat lean, pasture fed animal products. These resemble the antelopes, bison, ground sloths, caribou, and other rangy, low-fat beasts that the cavemen ambushed and slew for food. Lean pork, pork roast, and other pork products can all be included in the list, though not bacon. Any type of lean beef or lamb is also fine, as are chicken, fish, and shellfish. Liver of all kinds is a good source of food for a Paleo diet, though less will be inclined to eat beef tongue.

The plant world has many culinary riches to offer to those pursuing a diet that imitates that of the cavemen, too. Nuts and fruit are staples of the eating plan, as are vegetables of many different kinds. Potatoes and yams are to be avoided, however, since their limited original distribution means there are very few people adapted to eating them, and under no circumstances should you eat legumes like beans or peanuts.

The caveman Paleolithic diet meshes smoothly with your natural human metabolism, making digestion and the absorption of essential nutrients much easier and more natural. The slow digestion process of meat and fresh fruit ensures that you have a steady supply of blood sugar and a “full” feeling that will keep you from feeling hungry until the next major meal is approaching. This aids in curbing both excessive eating and blood sugar problems such as diabetes – yet another benefit of eating like a caveman.

John Reily is a paleo diet expert. To find out more about the caveman Paleolithic diet and to receive the free “10 Secrets to Nourishing Your Inner Caveman" visit .


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