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HCG Diet - Advantages Of HCG Weight Loss Drops


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You might have tried a lot of diets and failed. Possibly one of the reasons was that the weight loss wasn't permanent. However, there are methods to lose weight once and for good. The HCG diet is one of them. The diet was created in the 1950s by Dr. Simeons, who tested it on his patients in India, who suffered from a severe pituitary gland dysfunction. The HCG diet is based on taking HCG into the body on a daily basis for about 20 - 40 consecutive days, while being on a strict diet. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a pregnancy hormone produced in the pituitary gland of both women and men. However, the total amount produced in the pituitary gland is incomparably lower than the amount produced in the placenta of a pregnant woman.

HCG can be taken in 2 different ways. However, the hormone's function in the body is always the same with either. There are HCG shots, which were the original way to take HCG. A disadvantage of this method is that it needs you to obtain needles, syringes, and also mix the substance right before injecting. However, there are HCG drops for weight loss, which you just put under your tongue for about 20 minutes and that's it. They are the more popular way, because there is no discomfort in taking HCG sublingually. In addition, HCG diet drops can be found in two forms; rx HCG and homeopathic HCG. With homeopathic, you do not have to visit your doctor or physician all the time. On top of that, the homeopathic HCG does not need to be kept refridgerated.

As I said previously, the weight loss after a course is typically permanent, providing the individual, who has lost the weight, doesn't eat starch and carbohydrates in general for about a month after the diet. The diet itself is quite strict and merely 500 kcal per day is permitted. In addition, there are a number of foods you can't eat at all. Actually, the swath of foods one is permitted to eat on the diet is pretty narrowed, consisting of around 20 various meals. A large amount of veggies are included. On the other hand, fatty foods are almost all forbidden. People on the diet usually lose at least 1 pound per day. However, the daily weight loss varies, according to the gender of a person. Men usually lose more than women, though there can be exceptions to this rule. A woman's average weight loss can be something between 1-2 lbs a day, whereas men can lose up to 3 lbs per day. One round of the diet lasts 23-40 days. The number of days depends on how much weight is to be lost. If one wants to lose 40 lbs in total, one can stay on the diet continually until 40 lbs are lost, or 40 days are gone. After that the diet has to stop, but the person can go on an additional round after a few weeks. Another big asset of the presence of HCG in us is, it prevents our muscles from being broken down during weight loss. This is also regarded as the primary purpose of the hormone in expectant women, so that their fetus is well nourished throughout the whole duration of pregnancy, even if the woman is starving.

To find out more about HCG drops for weight loss , you should check out my HCG blog by clicking on the above link. It is easy to buy HCG weight loss drops from one of the many scam companies out there, so in order to avoid them, you can get some useful tips on where to buy, just to make sure you don't waste time and money.


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Weight Loss Diet - A Summary To Begin With For A Weight Loss Diet
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