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The Protocols of the HCG diet reduce HCG Diet Side Effects


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The effectiveness of the HCG program is slowly getting the recognition it deserves. This is amply supported by the growing numbers of HCG users. The reason is really simple. The program has proven its ability to quickly drop excess pounds, at least a pound a day. Moreover, you do not even have to engage in workouts to achieve this and side effects are mere annoyances that are easily overcome.

The HCG program features a diet that restricts calorie consumption to 500 calories a day. However good the feedback is about the program, though, you can’t take it for granted. Its side effects are not always that easy to overcome especially if you do not closely follow the protocols of the diet which play a key role in reducing the intensity of the side effects. Your problem with the HCG diet will most likely be more in the realm of the psychological rather the physical. You will not get weak and hunger pangs will not trouble you much, but of course you are used to eating more and seeing how little food you are allowed plays havoc on your psyche.

Eventually though you’ll be able to adjust to the demands of the diet. However, this will happen only if you follow diligently the HCG diet recipe. This is not at all hardships really. In fact, you are allowed selected meats, greens and fruits and sea food and bread. These were chosen for a certain purpose – maintain the 500 calorie daily diet routine while supplying you with the right amounts of protein and fibers. The diet incidentally is also a detox which helps activate the powers of the HCg hormone. With the level of calorie consumption it’s hard to imagine you surviving without the ability of the hormone to curb hunger pangs and quicken the metabolic process.

You will ask “What’s the accelerating of the metabolic process got to do with preventing HCG diet side effects”? That’s actually a very important question, actually the key to understanding the HCG program. There’s something that the fast fat burning produces other than making you slimmer. It produces energy and this energy is what you use to overcome the hunger pangs, the mild disorientation, the headaches, and mood swings, all typical side effects of very low calorie diets.

The HCG ingestion procedures will not give you problems unless you happen to choose the inappropriate method. There are three methods: the nasal spray which is the newest, the injections which is the oldest and the HCG drops which is probably the best method.

What sets the HCG drops apart from the other two its very convenient and proven effective. Of course, the injections have been proven effective too, but it has many issues you will not like. Painful, time-consuming, possible blood clots are some of things you’ll not like with the injections. The nasal spray is handy to be sure, but being new still doesn’t have a good track record to speak of.

The consequence of choosing the most appropriate method is crucial to the success of the program. You do not want interruptions that can put the outcome of the program in danger.

Author is a weight loss researcher who likes to share her knowledge on the HCg diet anf HCg diet recipes .


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