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Weight Loss Tip for Rapid Fat Loss!


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Have you been looking for the shortcut to your weight loss plan? You look for a magic plan that will boost up your metabolism and get you slim instantly. Do you think such plan exists? Follow the following weight loss tip and you will be burning extra fat and have a more effective workouts. A fore-warning before you work on these tips - you may need to get used to people admiring your great body when you put on the sexy bikini or pair of trunks.

You should concentrate your workout mainly on free-weight or cable exercises. This method will normally require extra skill as compared to working on machine. They will help you to burn more fat while at the same time keeping your muscular balance.

When you are doing the free weight exercises, it is actually tougher to balance the weight as compared to coordinating the muscles. This may seem difficult initially, but as you practice more, you will get used to it and begin to benefit from this exercise.

By doing the balancing act, you get more of your muscles to workout. Over time, this will result in greater developed muscles and burning of more fat and hence more weight loss.

When you are working to improve your body tone, do not worry so much about the details. You can work on specific areas after the workout. For example, you may concentrate on the abdominal exercise but only do the bare minimum as your do not want to over-stretch yourself after a good workout.

If you aim for workout is to increase the metabolism rapidly, then you must work with more weights; also when you work on more weight, you body will have lean muscle.

When it comes to quadriceps development, squatting will be the better choice as compared to leg extensions. This is mainly because the quadriceps being exposed when you are squatting is much greater. With this same principle, it is better to do press and dips which gives you better triceps development as compared to triceps kickbacks. Doing this exercise will also helps you to burn more fat.

As a general guideline, always lift for maximum weight. Don't overdo it. By doing this, your body will response by increasing your muscle mass which in turn will boost your metabolism - more weight loss.

There are two types of exercise you can do:-

  1. Do a series of lower body exercise follow by a series of upper body exercise or
  2. 2. Perform alternate exercise that target opposing muscle groups (for example chest and back).

When you work on these 2 types of exercises, you will have more strength, have better and quicker recovery and you only need to workout on shorter time.

Working on shorter period but with maximum result is good in helping you to lose weight: First you are shedding more pounds and secondly, you are getting fitter and healthier.

If the focus of your weight training is to look fit and increase metabolism, you need to work on between 8 and 12 reps of hypertrophy (muscle gain).

Try to keep your rest minutes lower than one minute. When you do that, it will help you to stay focus on your workout while keeping your heartbeat pumped. You muscle will also recover more quickly without take a toll on the fat being burned.

If you are starting with upper or lower body squat, take your time to rest for minimum 60 seconds before proceeding. On the other hand, if you start your exercise with a simple and easy warm-up (which you are encouraged to do), then only rest for 30 seconds before proceeding to the second part of your workout.

You need to breakdown your exercise to six and eight parts. This is the normal range that most people can achieve before that burn out. Beyond that, you may need to have more endurance and that may not be too motivating in your process to lose weight.

When you can follow the above-mentioned weight loss tips and start to workout, then your dream of a toned body plus a slimmer you will not be far away.

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You Must Add Exercise For Rapid Weight Loss!
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