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Calculate Your Calories to Lose Weight Starting Today!


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Losing weight and maintaining that great lean body shape is never easy. You need to stay focus and keep yourself motivated and avoid all the temptation for foods that come along the way.

If you choose dieting as a way to lose weight, you'll probably deprive yourself of your favourite food for long time. You may be starving and suffering quietly just to look great and slim in front of everyone. At times, you give in to temptations and ate some of your favourite food, which are normally unhealthy. After that, you felt guilty and promise not to do it again. This circle goes on and repeats itself and at the end of the day, you were left wondering why you did not lose weight.

Dieting and counting calories to lose weight involve constant battle between your emotions and your hunger. Most of the time, you will give in to your emotions and completely forgotten about your diet. You forgot about your desire to shed those extra pounds and gave in to your temptation.

To lose weight effectively, a change of behavior is required and you need to start recording calories on the food that you consume.

For a period of one week, record down calories of all the food you take and then average them on daily basis. Then compare this average calories intake with the calories that you burn daily. Congratulations if your calories are burned more that your calories intake - you are starting to lose weight. If that is not happening, then you are putting on weight which you don't it to happen at this moment.

If you are having trouble calculating your caloric intake, go online and do some research. There is plenty of information which shows you how to calculate food calories. Some websites even provide you with food calorie calculator.

You have to be serious and track your caloric intake overtime. Try to find a correlation between your age, gender, weight and height and your personal activity to arrive at the right balance between calorie intake and calorie burn. If your calculation is right and you are still gaining weight, then you need to make some adjustment to increase your burned calories or you may have to readjust your calculation. Remember, once you get it right, you'll start to see your weight off and that will be a great motivation for you to continue with dieting. So, start calculating calories to lose weight now!

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The Shifting Calories Theory - How Can One Lose Weight By Shifting Calories?
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