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How to Lose Weight Fast by Taking Healthier Meals


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Do you want to discover the secrets on how to lose weight fast by taking healthier meals? When you are cooking at home and with family members, the meals you prepare should be ideally fat free. It doesn't have to be boring as there are other ways to make food taste good. Just some small changes (you probably will not even notice it after some time) and you will be making a huge difference between gaining and losing weight. Never underestimate these small changes as they may help you to lose weight fast.

Everyone is saying to take lots of vegetables and fruits and they are short of saying avoid meat. Don't avoid meat totally; instead make a wide choice of the meat that you consume. For example, you can choose white meat like chicken and fish which are also good source of protein but with lesser protein.

Although chicken is considered lean meat, you need to consider the way it is cooked. Do not take chicken fingers, fried patties, nuggets and franks, take fresh chicken instead. Cook them by steaming, baking or roasting and if possible like what was mentioned previously, use non-stick pan with cooking spray.

If you are taking beef, choose the lean meat. Lean meat can be defined as cuts that are around the top round, sirloin and tenderloin. If you are unsure of the type of meat you are getting, buy those labelled as “loin, " “round" and “extra lean. "

For cooking, consider changing your cooking method to roasting, baking, steaming and grilling which are all healthy cooking. Change your normal cooking pot to non-stick type where you can use lesser oil; also when you are preparing the food, use cooking sprays instead of oil or butter. When you are preparing ground beef, rinse them with hot water to keep fat away. After rinsing with hot water, continue with your healthy cooking.

Your best choice will be to stay with white meat like chicken and fish which can be easily cook and save you all the troubles in choosing and preparing beef. Remember, the red meat contains twice the fat amount as compared to white meat.

Take out the skin as it is full of fat. I know you love it; resist the temptation if you want to shed those pounds. You can take out the skin before of after the cooking. My preference will be to take it out before cooking. Why cook it in the first place if you are not going to eat it? Make this a habit and your temptation for delicious skin will be away. You don't see it, and you don't think about eating it. Simple!

Steam your vegetables for healthy cooking. Take away the cheese, and just enjoy your steamed vegetables. For flavour, you can add-in some salt when steaming the veggie.

Reduce or totally take away margarine which is high in fat. Replace it with lemon juice, vinegar and herbs. You can also use herbs and spices as seasoning instead of using oil or cheese. If you still prefer to use oil, just put in little oil and use a non-stick pan.

Healthy cooking results in healthy food. This will go a long way in helping you to lose weight. Remember, you didn't gain your weight overnight - it was a process and a journey. Likewise, to lose weight permanently and keep the fat off, it will also take some time for you to lose those weights.

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Change Your Diet - Become Healthier And Lose Weight
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