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Lose Weight Fast Without Losing Your Mind


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Trying to lose weight and losing your mind as well? Your journey to lose weight is not easy. You will face many obstacles and road blocks along the way and the journey can drag on and on until you lose the vision/motivation to lose weight. Sometimes you may be so frustrated that you “call it a day" and this may be your biggest mistake ever made.

You need to stay calm and focus while trying to lose weight. Don't “raise your white flag" easily. Learn to take small baby steps to achieve your weight loss goal. Hold on, hang in there and never ever give up. Bear in mind that if you choose to give up, you will have nothing to lose. However, if you hold on and continue the journey, your rewards will be great. So stay focus on the end result instead of the current temporal discomfort that you may experience. I have drawn out something that you can work on for you to start losing weight without losing your mind.

1. Draw up a workable plan

Can you sit down and draw a plan? I mean not just any plan, a plan that really works and help you to lose weight. Well, your initial plan may not work, but as you work on it and adjusting it from time to time, soon you will have an effective plan to shed extra pounds.

Do not be confused between plans and goals. A goal is what you want to achieve, i. e. to lose weight up to 30 pounds or to set my target weight at 100 pounds (something like that). As for a plan, it is the process that you will do in order to reach your goal. Let me draw a scenario here:- your goal is to go to the moon and the plan will be to use a rocket and a spacecraft to get there. Now, can you see the difference between goals and plans?

For goals, you can have both short-term and long-term goals. A short-term goal will be something like losing 2 pounds a week (which is highly possible), while a long-term goal can be to lose weight up to 50 pounds in a year. Remember, your short-term goals will lead you to your long-term goals. Once you achieved you short-term goals one by one, then the possibility of you reaching your long-term goals is high. Don't feel frustrated as sometimes you may miss your short-term goals. As mentioned earlier in this article, you will face obstacles and that is hundred percent for sure. So far, I have not seen anyone that had successfully lose weight without facing any problems or bottleneck. Remember to stay focus, focus and focus on your short-term goal and don't give up, work on it and it is only a matter of time before you reach your long-term goal.

If after trying sometime and you still can't reach your short-term goal, then change it. You may have set it too high or there may be a lack of focus. Adjust the goal to something that is achievable without you working too hard on it. For example, if you plan to run or walk for an hour on daily basis, then change your plan to something like walking or running for 30 minutes. When you adjust this plan and complete it, you will feel motivated. This is in contrast to you feeling negative all the time as you have failed in achieving your goal again and again. The main point here is to get something going and start to lose weight.

2. Execute, follow and adjust your plan

You have drawn up the plan and it is time to work on it. However, if you have the greatest plan in the world but never act on it, it is useless. I would rather you not having a plan if you don't feel like working on it. This is just complete waste of time. If you are serious in losing weight, have a plan, follow it and adjust it along your weight loss journey.

This is the difference between doers and dreamers. The doers are the ones who take actions and work on their plans. In contrast, the dreamers can dream all day long and still not lose any single pounds. So decide which side are you on? The doers or the dreamers? You have to make a choice today.

3. Complete your plan

As mentioned earlier, you have to stay focus on your weight loss goals. It is not easy to take the first step. But remember, if you can do it continuously for 21 days, chances are your will continue with your plan. Research has shown that it took approximately 21 days to form a habit. So, if you have work on your plan for 21 days, chances are you already form a habit out of it. Congratulations on your new habits! You will probably feel something amiss if you don't exercise everyday as it is now part of you. If you continue your plan for a couple more weeks, then your goal of reducing those pounds will be achieved in no time. Remember, the journey of a thousand mile starts with the first step. Taking the first step is always the hardest thing, but once your move on and gain the momentum, there will be no turning back.

By simply drawing up a workable plan, execute and complete the plan, your weight loss journey will be completed before you realize about it. When you begin to see results on the efforts you put in, you will be motivated to keep going and ultimately reach your final weight loss goal.

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Lose Belly Fat Without Losing Your Mind, Your Money Or Your Time
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