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Fat Burning Foods


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These days people are getting more and more conscious about the fat burning foods as obesity is spreading fast. Overweight and obese people almost go mad after what to eat to reduce their fats and often get confused by the various calorie-counting charts they are shown. But if they recollect some simple basics learnt in their school days, they will not at all find it difficult to choose the right foods.

It is a well known fact that working out less than what we eat results into fat accumulation. Especially if our food is rich in fats and carbohydrates, we are bound to become obese after some time. The reason for this is fats and carbohydrates are the food elements which are turned into adipose or fat tissue when they are not used, which accumulate on our body parts like belly, thighs, buttocks etc. . So what will we have to eat? Eat fat burning foods in place of fat accumulating foods, that’s it!

Fibers is the most important amongst these foods and they are ample in whole grains, cereals, vegetables of green and other colors, beans and fruits. An important study has been recently proven a method of fast fat burning with fiber-rich diet. This study has proven that three hours after a fiber-rich breakfast, if a sixty-minute mild exercise is done, it burns double the fats than done after a breakfast lacking in fiber. Include brown bread, porridge, barley, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, beans of any type, citrus fruits like grapefruit, other fruits like figs, kiwi, melons, apples and vegetables like spinach, Broccoli, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes and lettuce in your breakfast and meals. Include a bit less than a handful of nuts also in your foods, as they, in addition to being fiber-rich, are healthy for your brain and heart. Remember to eat all these foods fresh; if you don’t have an alternative to eating canned fruits, at least see that you eat the juice-based ones instead of syrup-based.

If fats and carbohydrates are to be turned out from your diet, proteins should be brought in. The foods from which you can low-fat proteins are fish, skinless chicken, 90% lean beef, soy, tofu, beans, skim-milk and yogurt. Fish oil is known to reduce cholesterol.

You can enjoy delicious, yet healthy food, by adding some spices to it which are counted as fat burning foods . They are garlic, onions and red chillies. Studies have proven that onions and garlic reduce cholesterol and capsaicin in red chillies burns fat because it increases metabolism.

You can also include some more foods, that are burn fat in reality, but are hardly known to do so. Coffee comes under such substances and burns fats because of the caffeine. But please do not drink more than 2 cups daily.

And guess what we are going to tell now! Chocolate is a fat-reducer, can you believe? But the chocolate should be real dark one, and should not contain sugar, milk or fat. Such a chocolate contains hoards of flavanol, a natural antioxidant. It also has lots of Magnesium, which is a good heart-protector, and also Calcium, Iron and Vitamin B, C and E; all these contribute to heart’s health by improving the blood flow and lowering the blood pressure, as per a placebo-controlled, blind, randomized study

So do you believe now, that fat burning is not a path of starvations and cravings? You are free to eat a lot of things! You can either eat many individual substances, or can make their delicious combinations and kick off the cravings and depression. Starvations are a history now, as you can enjoy a lot of substances in form of fat burning foods!


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Abdominal fat-burning foods
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