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No Need for Willpower This New Year - Thanks to This SUPER Power!

Caroline Radway

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Willpower - something we are all so sorely lacking - right?

Or, perhaps, it's actually just a complete red herring, designed to tempt you away from the good things in life, towards all those things you really SHOULD be doing?


Or wondering how on earth you can reach all those goals and stick to all those New Year's Resolutions without relying on stacks of willpower?

It's simple really. Sometimes things are so simple we miss them, of course! Or they are so simple we forget that there always is an easier way - or we think that if it is easier it can't be the best way. . .

In various spiritual circles, it is common understanding that more effort does not equal more result. In fact, if you are not achieving results then in some cases, easing off some more is encouraged!

This is not to say you should forget about your goals and take the coach potato route to hell, of course. . .

But, it DOES mean that you need to look at things a different way!

When we decide we ‘should’ lose weight, get fit, eat better, do more exercise, be better people blah blah blah, our rebellious minds slip all-too-easily into the ‘yeah right’ mode, whereby all the shoulds in the world can't budge you into action.

Willpower attempts to fight this rebellion, of course, but when your subconscious mind doesn't want to do what some logical part of your brain has decided you should do, you are fighting a losing battle from the start!

However, on the other hand, do you want to be fat, unfit, unhealthy, uninspired? Do you want to feel sluggish, have no energy, struggle through life feeling under par?

No, of course you don't! The idea of huddling on the sofa eating chocolate and drinking beer and watching movie re-runs might seem more appealing than getting outside and exercising when you using the ‘oh I should, BUT’ line of thinking.

But if you really think about it, do you WANT to feel slimmer, more energised, happier, healthier, fitter, inspired and generally like life is great?

I expect so! I certainly love feeling good and don't like feeling crap. . . Occasionally my behaviour decides to self-sabotage, but that is usually when I forget about what I really want, and start playing the reluctant ‘should’ game.

If you really think about what you WANT, then you no longer need willpower - as you can summon the super power that is WANT power! When you really want something, and feel it with all your being, then you will also want to take the steps to get there!

Now, you may want the tasks on the way a bit less than you want the outcome, but that is similar to knowing that the drive to your favourite gig, match or shopping spree is not going to be the most exciting experience in the world - you still make the journey as you know you need to.

The good thing about training, is that even when you don't quite feel like it, you do know that as soon as you get started you will start feeling way better, and of course once you have finished you will feel great - physically as well as mentally, and you'll also have the sense of satisfaction because you DID do it, and didn't just slack off like you could have done.

Then, what's even better, is you can still do all that stuff you were going to skip your training to do! You can lounge around, watch a movie or whatever, feeling good! Not feeling sluggish and slightly anxious that you should have got up and out - the should has been vapourised, as you just did it.

If you want to feel great, you will not want to load yourself up with toxic, processed foods all day long. You will gravitate towards the healthier options naturally - that ‘wantpower’ taking over! No need to force yourself, because all that achieves is making the ‘off limits’ things way more appealing than they really are.

Of course, especially at this time of year, there are things we do want to treat ourselves with, and why not?! If you are training regularly, eating lovely healthy foods that nourish and support you, keeping your immune system on track (colds really are not simply ‘caught', we expose ourselves to them by compromising our immune systems!) then the odd treat and indulgence is totally fine. You may notice that you don't feel great if you over do it, and that will help you decide to keep things occasional. For the purely indulgent reason that the LESS you indulge the MORE you can enjoy it!

So, I encourage you to think about the New Year, and the entire festive season from now in fact, in a different light! Don't fight the urge to indulge - but equally let that permissive approach allow you to truly listen to what you REALLY want. Do you really want all those chocolates now, knowing that you are going out for dinner tonight? Will you feel a bit sick and not enjoy your meal if you do have those now? Can you use what you WANT (to enjoy the evening more, feeling great in your slinky dress or suit?) to actually take a different approach?

If you truly want to get to January without feeling like you have to start from scratch, you are not going to want to totally gorge all Christmas long! You still won't feel as great as a normal month, as there are going to be more indulgences than normal, so in January it is a good time to start afresh, but again, base that on wanting to feel great, and let go of the sluggishness and bloatedness that has crept up over the festive season.

The idea of ‘WANT Power’ ties in nicely with the idea of setting intentions and I encourage you to try this out this New Year, rather than the tired old resolutions, that are essentially the annual ‘I should do X Y Z that I don't really want to do but that is the price I have to pay for totally overdoing it from about the middle of November and it was the promise I kept telling myself so I could avoid any guilt while I was doing it so I really have to set them’.

Intentions focus on the POSITIVE and all the things you WANT - to do, to feel, to achieve.

You CAN always get what you want, after all. Feel the WANT power and see your life spiralling upwards positively!

Caroline Radway is a certified Personal Trainer who wants you to get the fitness and fat loss results that you deserve. She has developed her M. I. R. A. C. L. E Success System and S. I. M. P. L. E. Nutrition System that are proven to get results, fast!

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