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Mangosteen - Fruit for Weight loss


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One of the amazing fruit finds for health from the Asia is the Mangosteen. This edible fruit is endemic to Malaya. It can only be grown in ultra-tropical countries. This fruit is colored purple on the outside and white seeds inside that are wrapped in white fruit flesh that is sweet and juicy. It seems like cotton when one opens it. Mangosteen is taken fresh or dried. Sometimes it’s made into jams and jelly. Mangosteen is a complete fruit. Eating two to three fruits will give a good calorie count of less than 200. It has almost no fat at all.

Mangosteen has three kinds of sugars; sucrose, glucose and fructose. These are three of the eight essential sugars the body needs. Besides fiber content which is found in most fruits, the mangosteen has important minerals calcium, phosphorus, iron, Thiamine and ascorbic acid. The Chinese use the dried rind for treating dysentery. The fruit is processed into ointment and used by people who suffer eczema. The rind relieves diarrhea, gonorrhea and gleet. In the Philippines, mangosteen leaves and barks is used as a febrifuge to treat urinary disorders.

In Malaya, the mangosteen leaves together with banana and benzoin is made to treat wounds during circumcision. The roots of Mangosteen help women who have irregular menstruation. It’s appetite-suppressing characteristics make mangosteen good for weight loss diets. Mangosteen shakes can be a little hard to prepare but keeping a supply in the freezer is delectable since the juice is sweet but won’t make blood sugars shoot up. This fruit is also helpful to decrease the body mass index of obese persons without inducing any side effects. This ability to regulate BMI especially for people who need to lose weight comes from its appetite-suppressing properties. With the less cravings, food taken in by the patient will just be enough until the next meal.

This fruit strengthens the immune system with its good dose of polysaccharide sugars. These sugars are in their complicated state that still needs breakdown to make it available to the body tissues. The breakdown of these sugars will cause the body to lose calories without actually gaining new calories because the fruit has very little calories in the first place. The fiber content of the mangosteen will help weight watchers have a healthy intestinal bacteria in their system. The healthy bacteria will strike a balance in the intestine environment when bad bacteria come in from food ingestions. Fiber is not really absorbed by the body but when it goes through the intestine walls, it brings with it toxins that may be inserted in the villi walls.

Sweeping in between the intestinal villi will clean the walls and eventually increase nutrient absorption making is an effective green tea diet . Mangosteen can be a treat to weight watchers who want to try some new fruit to taste. Unfortunately, the mangosteen is not as easy to find given that it only grows in hot countries in Asia. It also just fruits in some months, therefore is not available all year round. This is one problem with getting fruits from far away countries.

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