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Wanna Smoke Dynamite?

Jason Brunes

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A smoker is a walking dynamite; and who would ever say that it isn’t so? Studies have shown that years are cut off from the life of cigarette smokers. But they just laugh it off because as they would even say that smokers never grow old (because they die young.

Cigarette consumers are likely to die younger than non-smokers. This has been heralded by cancer specialists as it affects most systems in our body. The habit brings us much closer to our final resting place. Think about the family that we are going to leave behind. If the smoker happens to be the bread winner, who’s going to do the earning? It’s a child’s birth right to be provided with education, a home and loving care. Children depend on their parents to live, well, not unless they have grown to adulthood where they can all be ready to fend for themselves.

We, as parents, are being highly regarded by our kids to be their models. Whatever parents do, the child sees it as right and copies it. Being good examples to our kids can bring out the best in them. What in the world would a parent do to avoid being called a bad influence?

Staying away from vices is one; and cigarette smoking is one bad habit to break. A person addicted to smoking can aver that this statement is true as for a hundred times he had been trying to battle this behavior and still it proves to be unfruitful. But if only he can try to look closely into the situation, there indeed is a cure for cigarette addiction.

First, try to stay away from people who smoke. They can make you drool at the sight of a cigarette being lighted, seeing a lighter or a match, or a person puffing his years away. By avoiding these occurrences, one can be able to, at least limit the urge to smoke. Next, don’t go out to the grocer for anything that you need for the household. This could only make you want to buy the dreaded stick.

Avoiding meeting up with friends who smoke would also do the trick. As you may want to see them once in a while, chances are you’d be pulled into going back to the habit. If there is a feeling within yourself that you want to smoke, try menthol candy. They can melt in your mouth and somehow satisfy the urge.

But to top these, set your mind into thinking that you hate cigarettes. Imagine the sight of your lungs on an x-ray film with all the mucous that has formed and the grave situation that it is in. I bet you would want to puke yourself. The lungs are not the only body organ that gets affected by smoking; the heart, the stomach, the upper respiratory system, the brain and the muscles can be devastated by this unmindful, wicked imperfection. Green tea diet

Simply put, cigarette smoking wastes the lives of the smokers as they waste away time to puff, and puff and puff. Always put in mind that your family will always be there for you no matter what the cost. Thinking of their welfare might be a stronger shield against this evil social defect. Family should come first on your list-and nothing else. Proactol Review

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