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Posh Diets for Weight Loss

Jason Brunes

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If you want to fit in to your sexy bikini again, then you should try getting into a certain diet program to help you lose weight. Diet programs would also require you to do some exercises. You can start by working out in the gym, jogging in the park or bicycling. If you want something that will give you inner peace while exercising then try doing some yoga. Pilates is also a good way in burning calories that you want to get rid of. Don’t forget that your primary objective in exercising is to sweat as much as you can.

Diets for weight loss are extremely plenty. Try to choose a diet plan suitable for you. A good diet for you would be the Beverly Hills diet. This was created by a fitness guru named Judy Mazel. This diet is basically based on a food combination principle. This would mean that your main food group in your diet is fruits. Also, will have some days wherein you will only eat vegetables. However, there are also days that starchy carbohydrate is allowed.

Cambridge diet was developed in United Kingdom. It is a very low calorie diet. It consists of pre-packaged foods like the ones in the military. The food is formulated to have the right amount of vitamins, essential nutrients and calories. They may come in a form of a soup or bar. The daily calorie level would amount to at least 415-500 calories a day. After a maximum of four weeks, the calorie level can be raised up to a thousand. It is important that you drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration.

Another posh diet is the Hampton’s diet. It is a low carbohydrate diet that was conceptualized by a famous doctor named Fred Pescatore. He gave emphasis on consuming the right fats. You must opt for mono-unsaturated fats. You can use Macadamia Nut oil instead of the canola oil. There are no severe restrictions and even consuming moderate amounts of alcohol is fine. Next would be the Hollywood 48 hour miracle diet that boasts of a 10 pound weight loss in just a span of 48 hours. This diet lets you drink some Hollywood diet miracle juice. It is scientifically formulated so you do no have to worry. It has a good formulation blending a good amount of vitamins, fruits, minerals, antioxidants and essential oil. It will help excrete the toxins in your body. You also have to do some exercises at least three times a week. Also limit your intake of fatty foods by eating leaner meat. You can eat fish and seafood but in moderation only.

Lastly, one of the most fabulous diets for weight loss it the Hilton diet. This diet program can change your body chemistry. This can help you burn fat naturally even if you eat five times a day. There are two phases that you will undergo. These are the weight reduction phase and the weight maintenance phase. This will be repeated until you get the desired weight you want. You can eat three meals a day with 2 snacks which should not amount to 1,000 calories a day.

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Diets for Weight Loss
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