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Diet - How Long to Lose Weight

Jason Brunes

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Ever find yourself looking in the mirror after a particularly hard hour of burning calories and wondering: how long do I have to do this?

Well, the truth is that the length of time you will take to lose weight would depend on just how much weight you want off. You see, the healthy rate – as in the rate that you can start burning calories without putting your body at risk – is two pounds every week. So if you’re aiming for a ten pound weight loss, then expect to hit the gym for the five weeks or two months if you want to be sure.

That being said, let’s look at the other factors affecting the rate of weight loss. This two are your diet and your exercise routine.

When it comes to diet, the general rule is pretty simple. Don’t consume more than your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). The calories of course, must be contained in unprocessed foods and are as natural as possible. This means that visits to your favorite fast food joints is no longer an option. Fresh fruits and vegetables as well as eight to ten glasses of water every day is the winning consensus.

The amount of exercises you do also comes with a limit. Ideally, workouts should only be done three times a week for about thirty to one hour, depending on your stamina. Beginners usually opt for ten minutes of cardio to start with and then gradually add up other routines including target exercises.

The exercise you choose also plays a part. High intensity exercises like running or sprinting definitely burn you more calories than low intensity workouts like walking. Target exercises don’t really do anything for burning calories but they do help develop the muscles which in return are excellent fat burners. Hence, you can choose to run for ten minutes or walk for ten, the amount of calories burned will be a bit similar.

Planning the Weight Loss

So now that you know the maximum amount of weight you can lose ever week, then start creating realistic goals. If you want to get into specifics and start writing down what you consume and what you are burning up, then that would be fine too.

I suggest that when you have decided on your target weight, start planning on the other steps toward your goal. Set up tasks and make sure that you follow them every day. Also, don’t forget to provide yourself with rewards for milestones accomplished so that you can remain motivated.

Getting into specifics could be your key to weight loss. Good luck!

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