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Weight Loss for Pregnant Women

Jason Brunes

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Yes, it is possible to lose weight during pregnancy! In fact, some doctors recommend it due to health issues.

Excess fat in a woman’s body during pregnancy can be very dangerous for both the woman and the baby. The added layers can be detrimental in the actual delivery or in the process of development. For some people, the idea that gaining weight during pregnancy is normal although the truth is that the amount of weight gained is still subject to limitations. This means that there are still indexes showing whether a pregnant woman is underweight, of average weight, overweight or obese.

If you are one of those females that is considered overweight and would need to start burning calories during pregnancy, that doesn’t mean that you can start doing the exercises you know before the pregnancy. Being in a delicate condition, trying to lose weight for the whole nine months should be done while considering the baby’s health.

Hence, restricting yourself to a diet is not really the way to go. Your goal is not to stop yourself from eating but eating ONLY healthy foods. This means fruits, vegetables and other non-processed rations of food. Eating about four or five times a day is also possible, although the amount of food should be controlled. Cravings are of course, pretty hard to deal with. It is actually OK to give in to these cravings but, as mentioned above, moderation is the key.

When it comes to physical activity, your usual exercise routines should NOT be done. Vigorous activities are not recommended; instead a different set of exercises are made just for pregnant women. Not only are they designed to lose weight but also to ready the body so that when delivery time comes rolling in, the woman would not find the whole process so hard.

Most of the exercises pregnant women engage in include Yoga or walking. This is because these can be done at a very moderate pace while still getting you the amount of physical activity needed. Of course, there are some classes that would teach you the necessary activities that would further prepare you for the big day.

Your doctor would be the one telling you if your weight is right on target or not. For those who are only thinking about starting a family, it might be best to first try to lose weight to make the whole process easier. Again, you might want to consult your doctor first prior to any moves made.

What it boils down to is that for pregnant women, weight loss is possible. Usually, this is done in order to keep the child and the mother healthy. However, the methods are completely different from the weight loss style non-pregnant women employ.

Keep in mind that when pregnant, the health of the child should be considered at all times. If you find that your body is not responding well to your weight loss attempts, then STOP it immediately and listen to your doctor.

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