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Weight Loss: Juicing with a Blender

Jason Brunes

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When burning calories using the juicing method, you will obviously need one important equipment: a juicer. This device would allow you to convert your fruits and vegetables into liquid form that you can actually gulp down in a matter of seconds.

You can find various products like this in different stores and they can go from a hundred dollars up to five hundred, depending on the make, model and brand. However, don’t rush out just yet to buy yourself one!

The truth is that it isn’t really necessary to have a juicer for you to “juice” your fruits and vegetables. All it needs is a bit of ingenuity and a blender. For juicing healthy food with a blender, follow these steps.

Wash your Fruits/Vegetables

Before putting them in, make sure that you have thoroughly removed all visible dirt from your fruits/vegetables. You can use a produce brush to clean the skin and peel off unwanted skin as well.

Cut them Up

Unlike high-end juicers nowadays wherein all you have to do is put in the food, fruits/vegetables for blenders should be cut up first. This would make the process faster and would not block the blades of the blender from rotating. At the same time, make sure that you have also removed all the seeds since you don’t want to drink them together with your juice! Small seeds are ok but if you have easy access on them (like apple seeds) then just cut them off for good measure.

Add Fruits/Vegetables to the Blender

For this step, make sure that you don’t place the entire ingredient in the blender. Instead, add them sparingly, allowing the blender to liquefy a few before putting in more to be processed. You can also add water or crushed ice to the mix to make it more palatable. However, pure mixtures are also well and good. You can also run the juice through a strainer to remove bigger portions.

However, if you run it through the blender just right and cleaned the fruits/vegetables properly prior to loading, then you shouldn’t have any problems. For best results, the mixture should be consumed as soon as it is made. However, you can also refrigerate the material for future use.

Which is better?

Deciding on which one is better is usually dependent on the person using it. For some, the beauty of a juicer is the fact that you don’t have to work much in order to get your product. High end juicers usually only require you to put in the fruit/vegetable and they will separate the skin and pulp for you. For blenders, it requires much more work.

However, for the amount of nutrients released, there is hardly any difference. If you are particular in the consistency of your juice, then you should know that juicers usually produce smoother liquid products compared to the blender. All in all, when it comes to burning calories and keeping healthy, blenders and juicers aren’t really that different. It is the content of your drink that would make or break the diet regimen.

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