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Best Arm Exercises for your Triceps

Jason Brunes

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Do you want your arms toned? There’s nothing sexier than wearing sleeveless tops that expose your tight, sculpted arm muscles. Although exercises that target various body parts at the same time are excellent, you won’t really get killer biceps with them. If you want toned arms, then you should do more than burning calories with cardiovascular workouts. Target exercises are the answer this article will walk you through the best arm exercises out there.

But first, let’s get something cleared first. Most people think that it is the biceps that should be fully developed when it comes to arm exercises. Although this muscle is a vital part, it is actually the triceps that covers up to two thirds of the upper arm. Hence, let’s focus on your triceps first before graduating to biceps.

Diamond Dip

Start this exercise by grapping the dip bars with your body extended. Keep your arms straight and then slowly lower yourself down. Next up, start transferring your weight to the left side and slowly let yourself rise back up. Wait for a few seconds and lower yourself downwards once again and this time, shift to the right side and back up again. Count that as one repetition and make sure to feel the burn each time you repeat the exercise. The purpose of this exercise is to level the strength on both sides of your body. More often than not, we use the stronger side when exercising and this exercise allows us to keep both parts performing at the same level.

Uneven Over-Head Triceps Extension

For this exercise, you will be using the EZ-curl bar. One of your hands should be on the vertical part of the equipment while the other one is grabbing the horizontal part. Keeping your arms close, slowly lower the bar behind you head. After a few repetitions, you should be able to feel the burn in your arms. You can also change positions if you want. The whole purpose of this exercise is to let your one arm feel the pressure while the other one is also engaged in an action. Hence, you might be able to feel the burn in one arm before the exercise starts to rub off on the other one.

Close Grip Bench Press

As the name suggests, this exercise is a variation of the Bench Press. However, your grip for this activity should be towards the center of the equipment. Estimate the distance to be roughly one inch from your shoulder. Your arms should be forming an upside down V to get the correct position. You can now start bringing the bar downwards toward your chest, pause for a few seconds and let it back up again. Do this slowly so that you can feel your muscles flex and burn as you move along. This movement would allow you to develop both your triceps and shoulder in a compound movement.

The good news is that muscles also play a part in burning calories, meaning the more you have of them, the faster your chances are of getting rid of fat. However, keep in mind that when it comes to muscle development, it is quality rather than quantity that counts. You should be able to feel your muscles actually burn each time rather than do 100 reps within minutes and not feel a thing.

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