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How to Lose Weight Fast: Diet or Exercise?

Jason Brunes

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Everyone knows that there are two ways to lose weight. Either you diet or you exercise. Combining the two is well and good, but when it comes right down to it, which one lets you lose weight faster? If you’re not in the mood to do both, then read on to see which one would best work for your goal.

Understanding Diet

Relying solely on diet for weight loss usually depends on the type of diet you go into. Some diets today – like the lemonade and cabbage soup diet – are capable of shedding off around ten pounds in a matter of ten day. Others like low-carbohydrate diets take time, but it’s pretty sure that each diet type would require patience on your part. However, what it boils down to is that each food regimen considers the amount of calories you take in versus the calories you burn out. For example, when undergoing the lemonade diet, you only get a meager amount of calories every day, certainly not enough to keep you going. Hence, the body dips into the fat reservoir, burning calories as it goes along. This is why when undergoing the lemonade diet, high intensity exercises are unnecessary. The body is already operating at a low energy level and cannot take any more strain. The same can be said for the cabbage soup diet.

Understanding Exercises

When undergoing exercises for weight loss, most of the burning calories are done through physical activity. You still eat moderate amounts of food – but the focus is on the exercises. The more you exercise – the more calories you lose. However, to answer the question above – does it make you lose weight faster than dieting? No. If you are aiming for fast weight loss, it’s best to go for diet methods. The fact is that the results of exercises take time to show. Overtime, it helps stimulate fat loss and speed up the metabolism, but you won’t really see the changes in just a matter of days. However, one thing you can get through exercises that you’ll never get when dieting is a toned body. Exercises develop the muscles allowing for a tight build that looks great in a bathing suit. When losing weight through dieting, the fat is removed but the extended skin is not remedied and this is what exercises are for.

Hence, when it comes right down to it, both exercise and dieting are important to achieve a killer body. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to combine both in order to get the figure you want. Although a mixture is the most recommended method, you can also lose weight properly by dieting first and then exercising later. For example, you might want to undergo the lemonade diet for 14 days, lose the unnecessary ten pounds and then proceed to tightening your muscle tone. This way, you would not have to suffer through both weight loss methods at the same time.

All in all, if you want to lose weight fast – go for dieting. If you want to maintain that weight loss, then start upping your daily physical activity.

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