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Great Leg Workouts and Flat Stomach Workouts For Women


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Are you looking for some effective and easy flat stomach workouts you can do right at home? You may not believe this, but getting a flat stomach is not that difficult. The hardest part is just choosing to find the time to do what needs to be done.

Each of these exercises takes only about 5 minutes to do but work great for toning and firming your gut.

Great Flat Stomach Workouts

The ab wheel workout

This is a gadget that everyone should have. This thing produces results! It tightens and firms your stomach muscles like crazy.

All you have to do is get on your toes or knees. (Getting on your knees is easier. ) Then place each hand on either handle. After that, roll out in front of you as far as you're able while still being able to control the ab wheel. Then roll it back in. That is the hard part.

Try to do this for 30-second intervals and do it for 5 minutes total. Do this exercise 4 times each week.

The plank

This exercise is great for working your body's core. All you have to do is raise yourself up on your toes while lying with your face looking down at the ground. Then put all your weight on your forearms. Hold this position for as long as possible. Then rest and do it 3 more times.

This is an exercise you should do at least 5 times a week.

Those are 2 of my favorite flat stomach workouts that you really should try if you want to see some stellar results.

Great Leg Workouts For Women

Today I'd like to give you some excellent leg workouts for women. If what you're currently doing isn’t giving you the kind of results you are looking for, just finish reading this article to learn some simple and effective ways to get some faster and better results.

Every woman wants lean, thin, and sexy legs.

Great Leg Workouts For Women

Running or waking in soft sand

Before we go any further, I'm fully aware that the majority of people don't have easy access to this. The only reason I mention this is to broach the possibility. That's all.

Running or walking in sand is much more difficult than doing the same thing on pavement, or even grass. You get no stability because of the softness and looseness of the sand.

This exercise is best done in bare feet. For best results, I suggest performing this exercise in intervals, which means running about as hard as you can for 15 seconds and following that up with a walk for about 50 seconds.

I just wanted to throw this out there for the times you do find yourself near a beach.

Standing long jumps for 5 minutes straight

You may think this exercise is easy, but it will definitely give you a workout. One great aspect of this exercise is that it only takes 5 minutes. This is the ideal exercise for those who have a busy and hectic schedule.

Just get yourself in position, which means standing with your feet about a foot apart. Then swing your arms back really fast and jump as far as you can.

That's not the end of it, though.

I want you do this non-stop for 5 minutes. If you must, you can take short rests of 10 seconds every now and then. But keep going without stopping as much as you can.

This is one heck of a cardio workout. Not only does it work your legs, but it also does a fine job for your butt.

Give it a try.

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