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Resveratrol Benefits and Limitations


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Initially, the focus on Resveratrol was focused on anti-aging properties provided by anti-oxidant ingredients and initial reports on the product focused on having younger looking skin and slowing the process of aging.

Gradually, the claims have escalated and Resveratrol has become the latest fashionable supplement for everything that needs curing. Antioxidants in the product is said to help regulate cholesterol and thus prevent other consequences. This miracle product, it is said, may be effective in preventing heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and other illnesses. As if that is not enough, it claims to increase athletic performance, provide protection from a stroke and even protect the user from exposure to radiation.

And just as a sidebar – Resveratrol is also suggested for use as a weight loss supplement. Proof offered is that studies on fish produced results but studies of Resveratrol effects on humans are not yet available with the manufacturer listing only other studies continue to evaluate.

Marketers heavily promote Resveratrol as a weight loss supplement though anecdotal results are not conclusive. Some users report fluid retention while others report weight gain immediately on stopping the supplements. Resveratrol claims to activate a specific gene which is a fat burner as well as an anti-aging gene. The claim is the diet supplement increases metabolic activity and thus prevents weight gain by inhibiting fat storage.

Claims of weight loss and the associated increase of organ health (of organs stressed by obesity) often reference a study conducted on mice. However, the dosage administered to the mice in that study was significantly high than dosages in current Resveratrol diet pills. Several small studies have shown Resveratrol is not efficiently absorbed by the body when taken orally which has led to some companies adding other ingredients in an effort to increase the rate of absorption.

The dosage of Resveratrol may be increased with use and though a level of 500 mg is considered the highest concentration that should be taken by users, that amount may vary depending on the person’s health and body size. Side effects are most often quickly mentioned as minimal but side effects do occur. Due to some effects on estrogen activity, Resveratrol is not suitable for pregnant or nursing women.

This product acts as a blood thinner and should not be taken by those on blood thinning medication. Not all of the Resveratrol supplements are manufactured to the same standards. High dosages or poorly made supplements can cause abnormal blood tests, headaches, anxiety and diarrhea. Though sellers may mention these side effects in passing, they are quick to point out the bad results are normally reversible.

When compared to Liporidex, the highly publicized Resveratrol seems filled with unproven promises and rather vague guarantees.

Unlike Resveratrol, Liporidex was developed by qualified medical scientists with the aim of providing a diet supplement that would work by supporting the natural immune system and contributing to the user’s overall health and well-being.

Liporidex is safe to use with each natural ingredient designed to work with the others to provide anti-oxidants that can be readily used to enhance the immune system and to provide healthy DNA support to increase energy and sense of well being. The weight loss properties of Liporidex are praised by hundreds of satisfied customers who are able to lose their extra pounds and love the increased energy that results from the careful formulation of ingredients in Liporidex.

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