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Medifast Diet Questions - How Do I Lose 20 Pounds in 30 Days Or Less on a Real Diet That Works?


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Who else has questions about losing weight on the medifast (or any other diet) after the new year? The simple truth is that MANY of us have spent the holiday season collecting great memories, sharing funny ( and occasionally stressful) stories AND packing on the pounds to boot! And who can blame you, right? In MY household, saying NO to another serving is a big taboo. . . . and one of the biggest reasons almost EVERYONE in my extended family begins the new year with one BIG resolution: Lose weight! So if you find yourself in the same boat. . . . . let's look at few common questions about how Medifast can give you BACK the beautiful body you deserve, and do it in a hurry!

How Does Medifast Work?

Very simple. You are going to eat 6 meals a day, 5 of them are going to be low calorie meal replacement selections, and one of them is going to be a lean and green meal of your own creation.

Is Medifast Low Calorie?

Yes, it is. Anywhere from 800 (on the low end) to 1300 depending on how strictly you follow it, and what you eat for your lean and green selection.

How Much Weight Can I Lose on Medifast?

A lot! Some folks have lost WELL over 100 pounds on the program, and in clinical studies, the AVERAGE weight loss, in a controlled environment was OVER 50 pounds for women, an 60 pounds for men! Wow is right!

Is Medifast Expensive?

No, it's not. About 10 bucks a day. What's expensive is being overweight. . :-) Medifast is actually quite a low cost investment in yourself, your family and your future. . . . ALL rolled up in a tasty package!

What We Recommend: A PROVEN, Doctor Recommend Weight Loss Program That Has Helped OVER One MILLION People Just like You FINALLY Get the Body They Deserve!

Who it's For: ANYONE who has struggled with weight loss, yo yo diets, size self esteem and in 2009 is once and for all READY to do something about it!

How To Get It: Simply Click the 120 Days to a New Me Link and Join Us anytime between now and New Year's Day 2009.


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The Basics of the Medifast Diet Explained What You Need to Know to Lose Weight ..
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