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Slim Mints, a Weight Loss Gum That Can Give You Both Fresh Breath and Fast Weight Loss


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Review Summary

Many people are familiar with the idea of chewing gum to stop smoking, but what about chewing gum to lose weight? The developers of Slim Mints suggest that this simple chewing gum can help people get their metabolism revved up, blood sugar levels under control and boost fat oxidation. For many individuals the simplicity of this product is a dream come true with no exercises, no pills to take, no shakes to make in the blender and no strict dieting guidelines. However, like all nutritional supplements, its effectiveness is based upon its formula so let's take a look to see what it has to offer.

Ingredients at a Glance

This simple gum is available in two formulations: Green Tea and Peppermint flavor. Each one contains Green Tea and Chromium, but the Peppermint flavored one also contains L Carnitine.

Ingredients in Focus

Slim Mints triad of ingredients, Chromium, L Carnitine and Green Tea, are probably somewhat familiar to consumers, due to their overuse on the holistic market. They are used a lot because they are rather inexpensive and have a lot of name recognition. Green Tea is a moderately effective fat burner, when used in large concentrations, but it has a tendency to have a fast burn that quickly fades. In fact, many experts actually suggest forgoing Green Tea based products and using ones that contain Yerba Mate or Advantra Z instead to get a more sustainable and effective burn. L Carnitine is often suggested to be able to help the body metabolize fat more effectively, while Chromium is used to keep blood sugar levels under control so that cravings are lessened.


While some consumers may really like the idea of using a gum based product, like Slim Mints, we have to point out that none of the elements used in this product have been shown to be particularly effective when used in gum based products, which tend to use low concentrations in their formulations. We actually would have liked to have seen some clinical results posted on this website to support their claims about its abilities. This is especially true since this is a rather new and unproven technology.


  • Gum based delivery system

  • Contains Green Tea


  • Does not contains the higher performing metabolism boosters like Yerba Mate

  • Does not contain an appetite suppressant

  • Uses new and unproven technology

    Final Thoughts

    The idea of Slim Mints is really quite enticing, who wouldn't want to

    lose weight by simply chewing gum? However, its formula is intrinsically flawed due to the fact that the extracts used, Chromium, L Carnitine and Green Tea, are low to moderate performers at best. Also, these extracts have not been shown to be particularly effective when used in a gum based delivery systems, which tend to use small amounts of extracts rather than the large dosages needed to produce results.

    These kinds of products seem to appear and disappear from the market every day, so we often suggest consumers do more research on other reliable and noteworthy websites before making a decision. We've actually provided a few links to articles below that we believe will be particularly helpful in ascertaining whether this product a good match for you or not.

    Before purchasing any weight loss product, it would be a good idea to see what people are saying about Slim Mints on the very popular

    You can also click here to get even more detailed information from on Slim Mints .

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