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Weight Loss How to Lose Weight Properly Before the Wedding


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How should the bride/groom come along on the day of wedding? In the most perfect manner and he/she should also be the brightest obviously. There cannot be any doubt in this since on that very day he/she is the focal point of all attentions. What will happen if the same person is found to be a butterball? All reputations will be dashed and he/she may become the focus of contemptuous laughter! Do you want to play this role if you are rotund and your wedding is close at hand? Your greatest task is to lose the accumulated weight at all!

But there is nothing to get disconsolate as the solution is with you. No I am not dreaming! This can be done through simple methods. But you have to commit yourself to the accomplishment of the objective. The time is short and the task though not complicated is huge. How should you start in on? The first important step in this context is to go for the weight training. All you have to do is to perform three full body weight-training workouts in every week. What are they? You have to start exercise on each part of the body and that should be done in a circuit fashion. Kindly note that weight-training workout has to be changed in every 3 weeks. This is essential and if you fail to do this, you will not lose weight steadily.

In the next step you have to decide on the cardio vascular exercises. You will have to perform cardio vascular exercises for 4 to5 days. Well, you can select the days. It is better if you can keep the gap of 1 day between these. There is also the need of highly proficient interval training. There should be the presence of treadmill for 30 seconds at 3.5mph & 10% incline. It must be followed by 30 seconds at 6.0mph & 1.0% inclines. What is more, you have to perform 20 minutes of cardio on weight days and 30 minutes on cardio days in the beginning. It is always better if you can increase both efficiency and time.

Are you aware of the significance of sleep? There is a good need of sleep every day and that cannot be less than 7 hours in any way. If you fail to provide this time for sleep, the chances of development i. e. reduction of weight remain scanty.

Now we come to another important aspect. It is the diet. We all are aware of the importance of diet in this plan and therefore you must have a diet comprising both plant and animal foods. In your diet there should be the inclusion of lean protein along with starchy carbohydrate and fibrous vegetable. Make sure that you take this at an interval of every 3 hours.

It is better to reduce the rate of consumption of carbs since you don't have much time left. Do you drink water a lot? If not, make it a habit from now. Remember that you have to be hydrated. Water is your greatest friend then.

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