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How to Lose Weight Without Exercise


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Do you think that one shall have to exercise always to lose weight? It may be to you but I beg to differ. There are several examples that prove this is not the only way. On the contrary several persons are found who invest a lot of time and energy to exercise. Not only that but they also push themselves to the verge of extinction. However they fail to accomplish the objective of shunning weight. Do you know the result? They become dejected and this moribund position pushes them to the depths of despair.

What is the main reason behind this drastic failure? Have you already failed? Don't you want to find the reason since you are a stark failure in spite of running marathons everyday? Here is the reason. This is nothing but your bankruptcy to generate a caloric deficit. It may be that you do not know. In that case learn it from now that the creation of caloric deficit is the most significant factor. If you become able to generate it, you don't require breaking a sweat or even swallowing diet pills.

What it is more it is quite simple to do but unfortunately the majority of people is ignorant of it. Now what shall you have to do in reality? All you have to do is to consume fewer amounts of calories on each day and this should be less than the requirement of your body. Take for example you burn up 2000 to 2500 calories (more or less) on a daily basis. This is your level on the basis of the daily routine. However from now on you shall have to consume less calories everyday than your requirement.

Well, there are people who will argue over this also. According to them, they have gone through each and every relevant process but have failed to attain the desired result. It is also heard that many of them do starve but do not get the result. Are you one of them? My best advice then is to stop these nonsense activities at once. They do harm people instead of benefiting them. Keep in mind that the process of starvation is not any solution and if you go on starving the body will become adapt to it. It has been found that in these cases the smallest portion of food in the body becomes fat. This process continues and as a result more harm occurs. Thus starvation helps you to gain weight instead of losing it.

It's necessary for you to calculate how much calories you need every day. This can be found in simple way. You shall have to multiply your weight by 13 and the resultant is the amount of calories that you require. You should also be careful of your foods. You, without any further delay, should replace each and every food in your daily routine with foods consisting of low fat and lower calories. Try to have more meals daily. They should be smaller but richer in contents.

Lastly, try to do one free hand exercise also. It's beneficial.

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Effective Weight Loss - Portion Sizes And Exercise To Lose Weight
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