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Get Rid of Belly Fat in 3 Easy Steps


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There are a lot of common mistakes that are made when trying to effectively get rid of belly fat. Losing body fat quickly is certainly not impossible, but a lot of people make it much harder than it actually it by making some very simple mistakes. This article will show you some simple tips for being able to get rid of belly fat and will also give you a great workout to try today.

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Tip #1 - Exercise with a lot of intensity!

You have to have intense workouts if you want to get rid of belly fat. Training with intensity will elevate your metabolism and you will still be burning calories long after you are done your workout. This is the essence of taking yourself out of your comfort zone when strength training. If you want to get rid of belly fat, then having more muscle mass will have you burning more calories. The best way to do this is to use “metabolic strength training".

Here is a good example of metabolic strength training:

20 lunges

10 overhead dumbbell presses

10 pushups

When you have done the above exercises with the exact reps and in that exact order, you have done one “round". Try doing as many rounds as you can in 10 minutes and only rest when you need to!

Tip #2 - Do interval training after circuit training

Interval training is the best method to get rid of belly fat with cardio. Interval training is more effective, quicker, and more engaging then doing mindless cardio on a machine that seems to drag on and on. If you would like to get a better metabolic result in less time, then interval based cardio is going to be a great change.

With interval training, you simply alternate between high and low intensities in a systematic way. You get to push yourself out of your comfort zone, but you do it in a way where you are in control the entire time. This is great for increasing your overall metabolism (if you work hard enough) and helps you to get rid of belly fat.

Tip #3 - Use a nutrition program that makes sense!

The best thing you can do with your nutrition is to eat smaller meals throughout the day. Eating 5-6 smaller meals is a great way to keep feeding your body with high quality nutrients while never having to feel like you are going hungry. You are eating so often you will prevent sharp spikes in your blood sugar and prevent excess calories from being stored as belly fat.

You want to make sure you plan all your meals around protein. Protein is a key factor in getting rid of belly fat because it requires a large amount of energy to digest it. High quality protein choices to include in your diet are things like chicken, turkey, fish, tuna, etc.

Fruits and vegetables have a lot of nutritional value, vitamins and minerals. These will also help you get rid of belly fat because they are tasty, filling, and are not loaded with calories.

The biggest thing you want to avoid is using a diet where you feel like you have to starve yourself. This is commonly known as a “crash diet". A crash diet is basically a starvation diet to get rid of belly fat quickly, but it actually works the opposite in the long term. A lot of people eat only one meal a day and try really hard to keep this up consistently. The only thing that this will do for you is slowdown your metabolism and make your body go into starvation mode. You may lose some belly fat but in the long run you will lose muscle mass as your metabolism slows down.

There are lots of thing you can do to help you get rid of belly fat fast, but these are the core essentials with diet and exercise that will have you on the right track.

The 21st Century 6 Pack Abs Training workouts will show you how to get a flat stomach without ever having again having to do any boring crunches or sit ups. To get on the fast track to losing belly fat, visit Get Rid of Belly Fat . Tom Gifford is a Certified Personal Trainer, author, and fat loss expert.


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