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Best Weight Loss Workout and Diet Plan For Busy Women Who Hit a Plateau

Jennifer Jolan

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Here's the best weight loss workout and diet plan for women who are busy and can't find the time to cook elaborate healthy meals or get to the gym. I'm going to show you how to “CHEAT". What I mean by that is you will get quicker results with less effort than other people by following the advice in this article.

Best Weight Loss Workout and Diet Plan

1. Workouts

The workouts are based off the premise that you don't have much free time. So therefore, they are home-based workouts. This frees you up of the drive times to and from a gym. Also, the workouts will operate on the assumption that you can't block off a whole 30 minutes devoted solely to working out.

So therefore, I'm going to show you a unique way to get in 20 minutes of cardio everyday by multitasking TV watching and exercise.

To explain it quickly, you will watch TV and whenever a commercial comes on, you will exercise. You can do jumping jacks, jump on a mini-trampoline, or hula hoop. Those are 3 excellent exercises. Now here's the thing you must know. Typically, if you watch TV for say 1 hour, there will be a bunch of commercials that add up to about 20 minutes of time.

I don't expect you to exercise during every TV commercial that comes on in your house ALL DAY LONG. Instead, focus your workout during a 1 hour TV show. You don't need to count out the 20 minutes. Try to find 1 hour of TV each day to make this happen with your cardio. Its an easy, stress-free way of getting in your cardio without a bunch of sweating while staying really fresh because of the long rest times between commercials.

2. Diet

First off, I won't take away your favorite foods. You're still allowed to eat them. Just use common sense and eat them in moderation, ok?

I just have 3 simple suggestions for your diet that will make a world of difference.

Number one, start your day with eggs. Waking up from your fast (sleeping), you need something nutritious that has a lot of protein. Eggs are the perfect choice.

Number two, add 1 can of black beans to your diet. . . using it as a side dish to both your breakfast and 1 other meal. They are really filling so to get the 1 can each day, I suggest you break it up into 1/2 can for breakfast and 1/2 can for the other meal. Be sure to cook the black beans for 5 minutes. The reason why I have black beans in here is because they're high in fiber and have little, if any, sugar (unlike baked beans).

Third, focus your snacks around eating apples and string cheese. You can switch off between them. They give you different senses of taste. The string cheese is good for protein while the apples are good for fiber. Try to get in at least 2 apples each day.

If you've hit a plateau and you're quite busy, I urge you to try these suggestions out because it's the best weight loss workout and diet plan for women who are overwhelmed by their limited time.

If you're SICK and TIRED of getting the same old boring weight loss advice. . . you know, like “Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink 8 glasses of water, jog, and Blah Blah Blah", then. . .

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Jennifer Jolan


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