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How to Achieve Easy Weight Loss For Teens


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Teens are very prone to weight gain and weight loss due to the hormonal changes in their body. It has been seen that the teenagers put on weight more easily due to various kinds of puberty and internal hormonal changes. The teens are very prone to put on weight during their growing phases which is a common phenomenon with most teenagers. But it is also essential for teens to remain active so that they are able to get rid of this accumulated baby fat.

Teens today have less active lifestyles as compared to the teens a few decades back. Studies reveal that there have been significant changes in the behavioral and physical patterns of teenagers of today's generations and those that existed a few decades back. The teens are less active as compared to their counterparts. There have been various kinds of reasons for the same. One of the biggest examples of the same is that there had been no television and computer till a few decades back. One of the main activities that kept teenagers busy was outdoor activities.

As a result of this the teens back then were more fit and healthy as compared to teens today that are usually defined as obese rather than healthy. Even with the advent of the television there were restricted programs and outdoor sports remained popular. But today the teenagers are usually sitting constantly through out the day. First it is in their schools and then it is either in front of the computer or playing video games. There is hardly any room for outdoor activities except for the compulsory gym classes at school or any other forms of sports.

Due to this sedate pattern of lifestyle and restricted outdoor activities teens are getting more obese. Another major contributor here is junk food. The new chain of junk food eateries have made these teens their victims and they have become fonder of junk food as compared to regular foods. Even many school cafeterias serve packaged forms of juices and other foods which are harmful for the teenagers and results in more obesity. Aerated drinks are also contributors to the weight gain in teens.

One of the best ways to make teenagers loose weight is make their diets in junk food restricted and increasing their outdoor activities. It is not advised that teenagers should perform any weight lifting exercises because it can hamper their health and growth. But there are various activities and outdoor sports that they can play for loosing weight. These include baseball, basketball, jogging, rugby, etc. Reduction in the time spent on the couch and the junk food consumed is usually adequate for teenagers to lose weight.

There are various forms of light exercises that can also be performed along with these activities. These include walking, running, swimming, or any other similar forms of exercises at least three days a week. Teens can lose weight as easily as they can gain weight. Hence it is essential to give them good eating and exercising habits so that they can benefit from the same in the long run.

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