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Not Losing Weight? Diet and Exercise Are Possibly the Least Effective Ways For You!

Jennifer Jolan

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If you're not losing weight and you think your diet and exercising is pretty good, then read this article to find out what the real problems are as to why you aren't losing any weight. Surprisingly little things you take for granted can be the biggest reasons why you're STUCK at your weight. . . with your diet and exercising doing ABSOLUTELY nothing for you to fix the problem.

Not Losing Weight - Use this advice NOW

Before I continue, I'm assuming that your diet and exercising are pretty good. If they aren't, then this advice may be SECONDARY to fixing your diet and doing some exercising. . . if you want to lose weight.

1. You have high stress levels

Stress produces a hormone called cortisol. One of the last things your body wants to do when it's stressing out and in “survival mode" is to lose weight. Cortisol basically makes it so your body maintains homeostasis to fight the stresses. To lose weight, you don't want homeostasis because you want your body to make changes.

There's a very simple and quick way to fix stress and get it under control. Do deep breathing.

The added oxygen from the deep breaths helps to relieve tension within your body. I recommend that you do a total of 10 minutes deep breathing each day. NOTE: It doesn't all have to be at once. You can do deep breathing wherever and whenever.

2. You're taking medications

Medications, whether they're OTC or prescription, mess up your hormonal balance and put the breaks on weight loss. Want a clear example of that? Most women who go on birth control pills gain weight! The pills are designed to mess up your hormones.

An easy way to alleviate this (besides not taking medications) is to start spinning around in a circle (like what kids do). So get your arms out and spin around 5-10 times through the day.

This stimulates the Endocrine System to bring harmony and balance to your hormones.

So if you're not losing weight, you may want to look at these 2 BIG factors that also play a major role into whether you lose weight, gain weight, or stay the same.

If you're SICK and TIRED of getting the same old boring weight loss advice. . . you know, like “Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink 8 glasses of water, jog, and Blah Blah Blah", then. . .

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Jennifer Jolan


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Losing Weight Through Pilates Exercise
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