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2 Diet Mistakes Women Make That Totally Sabotage Their Weight Loss Efforts

Jennifer Jolan

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Here are 2 way too common diet mistakes women make that DESTROY their weight loss progress. You're going to be surprised that something that seemed healthy really isn't helping you lose weight. It's HURTING YOU!

Diet Mistakes

1. Drinking diet sodas

Diet sodas SUCK! There, I said it. Listen, you may think diet sodas are great because they don't have calories and stuff, but they come at a price.

Diet sodas MAKE YOU eat more than you normally would if you were drinking a normal soda. So the calories you save on sodas get added back and then some when you eat. In fact, diet sodas STOKE your cravings.

I highly recommend that you avoid diet sodas. If you must drink soda, drink the normal kind because this at least fills you up a bit. I don't recommend normal sodas, but they are better than diet sodas as far as weight loss goes.

The best option is to drink water, green tea, or protein shakes.

2. Eating potatoes

It's a starch. That's very bad for weight loss because starches get their sugars into the bloodstream super fast. This spikes your blood sugar levels and all heck breaks out. There is no way you body will burn off fat when starches are present. A general rule to follow is that if it's a white food, don't eat it (exception being cauliflower).

To lessen the impact of potatoes, eat them with a protein and fat. This will slow down the absorption of the starches.

Avoid these 2 common diet mistakes if you want to accelerate your weight loss progress.

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Jennifer Jolan


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