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Weight Watchers Food Points You Also Need to Watch Some Points


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Weight is a weighty matter in today's world. Everyone is concerned about weight and how to control it. While the people on the fatter side are concerned about losing them, the slimmer people consider putting on weight a disaster. This mad rush for slimming down and maintaining weight has lead to the formation of several points and guidelines of maintaining weight. How many of us do you think follow such guidelines is a tough task to be assessed. But following and adhering the weight watchers food points is a magical idea.

The weight watchers food points program is based on the number of calories to be reduced. Weight watchers run the most popular programs in the world for weight loss. Rather than counting calories, you can use the weight watchers food points. A shepherd's pie contains 241 calories that is equal to 4.5 points. As per this program none of the foods are announced to be forbidden. But, you are granted a specific number of points to lose weight. This is a universal formula to lose weight. The weight watchers food points system disregards various nutrients essential for anyone to lose weight and keeps if off at a distance for good.

What do you think about the calories? Here it is, the weight watchers food points state that the more the calories in one serving, the higher is the points. The numbers those are lesser than tens are easy to deal with than numbers of higher calorie counts. Mostly, it is found that dieters pursue the weight watchers food points program by taking a course in a class. In this class each week the dieters are weighed and meetings are arranged to meet other dieters as well and they receive optimum support as well as advice from the organizers of the class.

Believe it, the secret formula that is considered by the weight watchers have a patent formula. One point = 50 calories 12 fat grams - min (r, 4)/5. You must have understood the other part, except for the min(r, 4), right, here you have it. This refers to the dietary fiber grams or 4, whichever is the smallest number. This formula indicates one point equals the number of calories in every food serving divided by 50. This value increases by one point for 12 grams of fat and falls by one point for each 5 grams of fiber.

Fiber is an enhancer while fat is a penalizer. Weight watchers food point system is effective for people who are keen in losing weight without leaning the values of good nutrition and the hassle of food weighing. This program incorporates techniques to record what you eat. However, points are a way of calculating, yet identical to all weight loss programs, the weight watchers food point system is not devoid of any limitations. The only problem is that this formula ignores the protein in your diet. This matters, as ignoring protein will end in losing muscle and fat. So a better approach described is burn the fat while feed the muscle with a balanced diet.

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