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Do You Worry a Lot? How Will Your Worry Affect Your Weight?

Jackie Reid

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Do you worry about the smallest things? Does your worrying cause you to lose your appetite? Are you someone that does not have a lot of friends or make friends easily? Then there might be a possibility that you might never have a weight problem.

On the other hand what happens if you are not a person who worries about the small stuff and you have a lot of friends and always seem to be on the go, you might be the person that tends to put on more weight?

A recent study revealed that people who worry were more likely to lose weight and be either at the ideal weight or underweight. The study is taking the stance that the ideal weight is having a BMI of 25 or more.

Outgoing people tend to socialize more thus they are always going out to dinner, having friends over or making new friends that they can socialize with. This lifestyle leads to the eating more and drinking more alcohol, which both of these activities cause weight gain.

However, the persons who has a more anxious personality was more likely to be anxious about their problems, which caused them to worry more and might not eat as much as they should. They do not socialize as much as their extrovert counterpart therefore they are not going out having meals so they tend to be alone with their problems and not eat.

But even though you might be worrying and not eating, you might not be healthy.
To be healthy you need to be eating nutritious foods that will cause your body to properly perform its functions. Being thin or underweight is not a sign of a healthy body. Our society has equated a thin person to someone that we all aspire to be but that is just not the case.

You should be going for a body weight that fits your body and not a weight that society has dictated. The perfect body that is right for a supermodel might not be right for you.
And if you are someone who worries and find yourself thin or underweight then it is time that you speak with your doctor. Getting the right body weight is important but we do not want to try to gain weight by eating unhealthy foods. And unfortunately, that is what most people do who are underweight; they will try to eat junk food to try to put some fat on their bones.

If you are worrying and not have noticed that you are being overweight rather than underweight or at an ideal BMI, you might be stressed. Whenever, you are stressed you tend to eat more, sleep less and worry more. All this adds to you taking in more food than is needed, that your body cannot process thus leaving more calories in your body that is needed and cause you to be overweight.

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, the issue is that you want to remain at an ideal BMI with a healthy body. Being overweight or being underweight is not half as important as making sure that you are eating a healthy diet and drinking lots of water.

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Jackie Reid is a weight loss advisor who teaches people who want to lose weight how to use diet and exercise to create their ideal body weight through personalized classes and coaching programs.


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