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3 Day Diet Vs the Day Off Diet

Johnny Moon

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The 3 Day Diet (also known as “The Cleveland Clinic Diet") is a starvation diet which may cause some short term weight loss but it's weight you will gain right back at the end of the three days. It is not a miracle and it is not the right choice for you.

The 3 Day Diet has nothing in common with The Day Off Diet except for that they both have the word “day" in their name. While 3 Day Diet should completely avoided, The Day Off Diet is not only the best choice for long term weight loss, it's also the best choice for short term fast weight loss.

If you are impatient to get started losing weight, then you are in luck because The Day Off Diet is available instantly on your computer upon purchase.

Why The Day Off Diet Works

1. It Turns Off The Fat Storing Gene

The “green light" food list that The Day Off Diet includes will have you eating foods that actually turn off the “fat storing gene. " This will cause your body to think that it's time to burn fat instead of store it! You can obviously see why this is a very good thing.

2. It's Weekly “Day Off" Boosts Your Metabolism

The Day Off Diet includes a weekly “pig out" day when you can literally eat anything you want! This day is great not only for the obvious psyschological reasons of keeping you motivated to diet and satisfying your cravings but also because the calorie spike every 7th day keeps your metabolism running high so that you lose weight much faster than with other diets.

3. It's Easy To Follow

Unlike with other diets there is no counting. No calorie counting, no carb counting, and no fat counting! This is a diet you can live with. It won't drive you crazy by making you record everything you eat. The weekly “day off" also makes it much easier to follow because it keeps you from cheating on the other 6 days of the week and maybe most importantly it lets you continue living your social life while you are losing weight. For example you can now eat whatever you want at a birthday party or a wedding reception because they will almost always fall on Saturday (the day most people choose as their off day. )

The Day Off Diet is ranked #1 to Lose Weight Fast .

The Day Off Diet - A Review


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