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African American Weight Loss Movement How Your Kitchen Can Help You Lose Weight


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According to the latest government statistics, African Americans lead all other racial groups when it comes to obesity. Men, women, teens, even children. Obesity continues to fuel diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, joint problems, back ailments and more.

With the multitude of weight loss books, infomercials and exercise equipment, did you know your home can help you lose weight? In fact, neglecting to apply the simple tips in this newsletter will sabotage and derail most weight loss programs you attempt.

With a little extra knowledge your home can help you lose weight. In fact, how you arrange and organize your kitchen and even the color you paint your walls affect your appetite, according to the latest University of Michigan studies.

The secret more people is discovering is Feng Sui (pronounced fung-sway). Feng Sui is an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China.

Feng Sui is the principle of using and arranging your home environment based on the 3.000 year old philosophy.

For example, how you arrange your appliances, store food, or even paint colors you use can affect your eating habits. Feng Sui can help you gain, improve and maintain your weight and cultivate a healthier lifestyle. Chinese priest discovered this secret over 3.000 years ago, however scientific studies has just gotten around to proving it.

This week I'll give you simple tips to help you use Feng Sui in your home to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Imagine the money you'll instantly save on fad diets, weight loss programs and medical cost.

The kitchen continues as ground zero for obesity in America, one of the fattest nations on earth (According to the latest World Health Organization statistics).

So here's five tips to help your kitchen help you lose weight.

1. Maintain a clutter free kitchen.

Having a clutter free kitchen that has a feng shui sense of freshness and lightness, communicates that same feeling to your mind and body. Kitchens cluttered with appliances, foods, utensils on the counters encourage eating and snacking.

2. Display fresh fruits and vegetables in attractive bowls.

Avoid keeping chips, cookies and other sweets on counters. Displaying fruits and vegetables on counters and tables encourages healthier eating.

3. Display a wall mirror in your kitchen or the entryway to your kitchen.

Doing this one simple action will help remind you subconsciously of your body image. The mirror technique also reminds you of your eating habits before and while your in the kitchen.

4. Place a colorful picture of fruit and vegetables on your kitchen wall.

This will quietly encourage you as a reminder to eat healthier.

5. The color you paint your kitchen can either curb or increase your appetite?

A kitchen painted a calming blue or green shade has proven to help curb your appetite the best. But red, orange, and yellow stimulates your appetite the most.

Notice how fast food, pizza and other eating establishments use the colors red, orange, or yellow somewhere in there restaurants. Why? Because science has proven these colors encourage you to eat more. Now you know their dirty little secret. And you thought they just used those colors because they looked nice. No! They stimulate and trigger your appetite to eat more, more and more.

Your house can save you from brutal weather, protect your possessions and provide comfort to your family. Now with the knowledge you've just received it can now help you lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

This is the little known secret why most people fail to lose weight or keep weight off despite spending hundreds on diets, exercise equipment and gym memberships. Your home or more specifically your kitchen is quietly sabotaging you.

Now you have the ammunition to control your kitchen and your weight instead of the other way around.

Roy Primm is publisher of Black Homeowner News, the largest source of information for African American homeowners. To discover more powerful home management information go


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