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Food That Burns Fat What is the Best Food That Burns Fat?


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It is no secret that everyone who is trying to lose weight is enticed by the prospect that they have heard about some food that burns fat and helps to speed the fat burning process up. But do these foods really exist? Well, yes they do.

Everyone knows that when we gain weight, it is because we eat more calories than our body can burn off, simple. However, if we could find a way of increasing our body's metabolism rate, then this would seriously help us to lose weight without going through the horrific routines of those starvation diets that we all fear and loathe. There really is nothing less effective at burning fat than a starvation diet - these diets will only leave you feeling down, depressed, hungry and demotivated. Forget them, they are a waste of time.

So, What is the best food that burns fat?

Well, I'm about to telly you, it is time that the masses knew about all this stuff so that they too can benefit from it. Here we go:

1. ) Tomatoes - Great metabolism boosters and good for helping your fat burning engine (they are also very good for your overall health too and help to prevent cancer!)

2. ) Apples - These fruits contain large amounts of Pectin which has been proven in scientific studies, where groups were given apples before their meals and some were not. When they tried to lose weight, the group that had the apples before their meals lost up to 33% more weight than those that didn't and this makes apples a great food that burns fat.

3. ) Oranges - Super rich in Vitamin C and have some fantastic fat burning properties that will really get your fat burning engine ticking overtime.

4. ) Carrots - Yes, carrots. These wonderful vegetables are difficult for your body to digest and take the longest, therefore a good portion of these will stay in your stomach the longest and will decrease your hunger and desire for any dessert - thus making it easier to avoid the fatty foods in the first place.

5. ) Mangoes - Believe it or not, Mangoes are a super food that burns fat when it comes to weight loss. The reason behind this is the fact that Mangoes are very low in calories and are absolutely packed to the rafters with fibre. This will really give your body's fat burning engine a boost and will help you to lose more weight if these are included regularly in your daily diet.

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