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Fad Diets Why Are They Bad The Dark Side


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It's no more a genuine market of fad diets which give you hopeful advice of losing weight. You look around and everyone is hovering to sell their products and grab money. It hardly matters to them what weight is lost after having their medicines and following their diet regime. The fad diets are not always good. One need to choose them wisely. Some can be injurious to your health and can cause serious damage.

Some of the medical practitioners have been voicing their views on opposing these fad diets. Diets like cabbage soup and Atkins can make you lose weight in no time but that does not necessarily ensure that you are healthy. Obese people being physically active are rated as healthier than the thinner ones who do not exercise. Under the influence of fad diets, you should not skip meals. This causes you to eat more at one sitting rather than having a controlled diet in three meals.

Carbohydrates do not lead to the increase of weight; in fact, they are generating oil of your body. Fad diets suggest you to stop taking carbohydrates in your meals but that is a myth as they need to promote their high protein diets. Measure your BMI to know if you are actually overweight or just feeling so. Being obese increases the risk of cardiac arrest, high BP, diabetes and heart diseases. This is surely not age-restricted. Losing some kilograms will help reducing the risk.

Any food can be eaten even if you are on a diet. Reducing weight is all about having balanced food and calculating your calories intake properly. A human body is not designed to be on a fat-free schedule for days. All you need to be aware of is the amount of calorie intake in a meal. The fad diets encourage restriction on certain food items which is not wise to do. Eat a balanced meal and break a meal into three or four parts to increase the number of meals.

A little change in the lifestyle can add to big results. Exercise should be mandatory when you are planning to lose some weight. It should be included in your daily routine even otherwise which will ensure that the weight is not regained. Instead of choosing a fad diet which chooses food for you, you choose your food yourself and be more aware of your system and calorie intake. A calorie is a calorie taken in any form at any time; you need to just plan it in a way that it falls to your benefit. Take more healthy food than a spicy acidic meal which will take more time to digest.

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