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How Do You Maintain Your Weight Loss on the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet? More Shifting Secrets Revealed


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In this article I'd like to illuminate what I think we'd ALL agree is a huge component of any successful weight loss program: Keeping the weight off once it's gone! Many people are initially VERY excited about the prospects of losing weight and transforming their self image through the fat loss 4 idiots diet, ONLY to come rocketing back to earth once they peruse the possibility of putting it ALL back on shortly thereafter. Well, if that is you. . . I've got some GOOD news for you, so continue reading as we explain why this is a FALSE fear for most. Read on. . :-)

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Most popular diets, as I'm sure you agree have LITTLE long term efficiency purely because the plans themselves are simply not feasible over an extended period of time. As good as medifast may be. . . no ONE wants to drink their dinner forever. Who wants to eat cabbage for the next 6 years? Nobody, that's who! What about grapefruit, BACON, power bars of any other popular or fashionable approach to dropping important pounds in a hurry? They don't. . . and this is the CENTRAL reason most diets fail over the long haul. (statistically more than 80% of dieters will be heavier one year later than they started)

With fat loss 4 idiots, it's a true revolutionary approach to food, physiology and your optimum metabolic efficiency wrapped up in one simple, easy to understand package. This makes, for the most part, more people able and willing to follow the program and the precepts for FAR longer than other diets will ordinarily allow. Remember, the central component of the calorie shifting theory is VARIETY. Food diversity for optimum metabolic performance. This is clearly EASY to integrate into a lifestyle choice, as it's fun, fit and “fits" with a good, holistic long term approach to living a healthy lifestyle full of fun AND food. . :-)

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Anyone who has NOT had success on OTHER diet programs! If you've failed with other weight loss regimens, the calorie shifting community may be EXACTLY what you are looking for.

And as I'm SURE you probably already know, the Fat loss 4 idiots movement has SWEPT the internet by storm and created a sea of slim, fit & BEAUTIFUL people in it's wake! ( and these are people just like you and I who have NEVER had luck on any diet program before!)


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Weight Loss With New Diet Program Fat Loss 4 Idiots
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