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3 Foods That Create Fat Avoid Fat Foods and Lose Weight Fast


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First off, losing weight can be one of the hardest things anybody can do. There are so many fast food restaurants, places to eat, and many other temptations that will overwhelm your desire to diet.

Baked Goods - These can absolutely kill your body if you are trying to lose weight. When we say baked goods; we don't mean the healthy foods you may bake - we're talking the commercially baked products such as doughnuts, pound cake etc. Avoid these foods at all costs! These foods will increase fat and reduce your ability to lose fat

Spreads - Let's be honest, we love butter on our toast. But it's absolutely toppled with trans fat, saturated fat, and just pure fat that can lead to the clogging of your arteries. Sure - you can eat the occasional butter - but if you eat it everyday; it'll start adding up.

This includes shortening, margarine, and mayonnaise. Avoid these types of foods by all costs so that your body won't pay for it.

High Fat Milk - You're definitely better getting the alternative reduced fat milk simply because high fat milk can get you high fat. Milk is designed to make small calfs become big like cows - now why would you want to put that in your body on a consistent basis. Milk to a certain extent can be great for you; however, just like anything - if you overdo it, then your body may respond by becoming bigger!

Why Do we Crave Fatty Foods?

You have to remember that your body and your body image perception see fat as two different things. Your body sees fat as a friend - it fuels the body and allows it to have energy to burn. You crave fat because your body craves it - that's the consumption of fat is one of the hardest addictions of all. Even people in shape crave fatty foods; but they know how to work it off on a consistent basis. It's natural human nature.

When you eat fatty foods a chemical called: Galanin is released and makes you want to consume more and more fat. The more fat you eat, the more galanin is released - and you'll get to the point where you've simply overeaten. This is not ideal if you want to lose weight!

Before you go shopping next time - we recommend that you eat a healthy meal before so that you can think straight when you're shopping. There are tons of temptations around you that promise to lose you weight fast simply by consuming them. There are also products that just look so good - that you must buy them.

Avoid most of these foods and only get foods that you have done adequate research on and absolutely know they are healthy for you.

Janis Breazell is enthusiastic about losing weight and staying in shape. Losing 9 Pounds in 11 Days using the FatLoss4 Idiots Program sounds like an impossible feat; however, with much work and determination many people can surprise themselves. By creating a diet that stimulates the metabolism and reduces fat - a person will be able to lose weight; no matter their body type! If you are interested in how you can lose 9 pounds in 11 days using the “Fat Loss 4 Idiots" dieting plan, then visit for more information


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