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Why diet is Bad For Your Weight Loss


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How could diets possibly be bad for your weight loss? Isn't their purpose to help you lose weight, so how can they be bad? Ok, diets are not bad for your weight loss, in fact, if the diet teaches you how to eat healthy then it is great for weight loss. But it's not diets that are bad for weight loss, it's the word “diet" and what it is associated with. Let me explain- losing weight is heavily dependent on your mindset. If you believe it can be done and stick with your diet and exercise plan you are likely to see results. Where as if you are negative, don't believe that you could lose weight, feel that diets don't work and constantly cheat them by eating junk food, then obviously you won't lose weight.

The word “diet" is strongly associated with two words for most people- sacrifice and temporary. Why is this so bad? Think of a smoker trying to quit, she doesn't feel that she is “sacrificing" a serving of nicotine by trying to not smoke, so while there is a strong physical addiction to nicotine, it's only physical and not mental. With a strong mind set a smoker is able to overcome that physical addiction and quit smoking. If you are overweight and go on a diet, you will have a similar physical addiction to overeating and eating junk food, . But unlike the smoker who at least in her mind knows she is doing the right thing, you actually feel that you are not doing the right thing (after all, you are giving up something you don't want to give up) The result? It's much harder to stay on the diet. It also makes you feel unhappy, depressed and easily annoyed, which takes your focus away from your goal of losing weight.

Association with “temporary" isn't much better. It sets up an expectation that once the diet is over you will be able to go back to doing what you did before, which is eating unhealthy food that got you over weight in the first place. Why do people think they can go on a diet, lose weight, then go back to the life style that got them overweight but this time around some how not gain weight? It's a mystery, but many people fall into this trap. If throughout your grumpy diet experience during which you couldn't wait for it to be over so you could stop “giving up" and finally eat your favorite junk food then it is a given that you will go back to doing just that, and gain any weight you managed to lose as a result.

Mind set is everything when trying to lose weight. Stop thinking of your diet as a temporary sacrifice that you have to make to lose weight. You'll never accomplish it with a mind set like that. Instead think of it as a healthy lifestyle choice. Realize that junk food is like poison to your body, and embrace healthy eating habits! With the right mind set and a good diet you can and will lose weight!


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